July 25, 2012

A Vintage Hat from the 50's

I hosted a vintage tea party a few weeks ago. I read about it on other blogs and I wanted to have one too. I really do not own any vintage clothes so it took me some time to get an outfit together. I found something that looked like the 50's but to top it off I really wanted a little hat so....I asked my grandma to buy her favorite cheese. ☺ No, its not made out of cheese but out of a cheese box. I do not know if you have something similar in our country but you can really use any round cardboard box to make this hat.

Here we go:

Here you see I used a small soft cheese box.

Cut material out and inch bigger than the box

Add glue and set right in the middle

Add glue to the side and try to have only a few folds

Cut off the access material to the same height of the box

A strip of the same material to go around as a border

Fold as you can see above. Fold in the sides and fold in half.

Sew it on right on the edge then....

Wrap around the border and to give it a smooth border.- Sew

To cover up the stitching I sew some feathers.

After sewing on the feathers I added a white flower brooch.

Here you see I close up look


  1. Super cute!! :) Love it. Very clever. :) We have those cheeseboxes here i think, maybe i will have to try that one day... :)

    1. Thank you! It was pretty simple to make. ☺ With help of google images and the material I had available...this was created. ☺

  2. How creative!!! I don't have a creative bone in my body!

  3. SO glad to find someone else who makes hats out of findings (a.k.a cardboard) :)
    Love your hat, it turned out beautifully!


    1. Hahaha...gotta use what you got! :) Thank you for the compliments.

  4. Oh I love this one too! This would be great or making costumes (I work in a High School Theater Dept.). Also fun for a craft for my daughter.


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