July 21, 2012

The Second week together in Pictures

 Last Tuesday, after a fun day with Patrick's sister, cleaning, school and swimming I thought I'd make dinner. I was craving for some noodles with a meat gravy...and that is what I made. The only meat available was venison and I had the chance to cook Bambie. ☺ Patrick's sister set the table. With candles, grape juice and background music. Patrick had a late day of work and came 30 minutes late...the gravy got a little to thick. ☺

Iris' home in Tennessee.
On our way to the house...
This is where Iris calls home....the arrow is her room.

Patrick just came home from work here: 

Here we took some pictures together. How do you like them? Which one is your favorite?





  1. Replies
    1. Number two is definitely a favorite. Thank you for voting. :)

  2. Oh, I love #2! Just sitting around staring at each other is fun, isn't it?!

    1. It is fun staring at each other! :D Thank you for voting!

  3. # 2 is precious !!


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