July 24, 2012

A Weekend Full of Friends

This past weekend Patrick and I scheduled to visit some friends that I had grown close to while their families were stationed in Germany. They had visited my church and now lived in Tennessee. Since these two families lived close to each other we mad one trip out of it. Here is the story of our weekend:

Early Saturday morning we packed but Patrick check engine light kept coming on. We had a long rode trip ahead of us so we stopped and had the oil changed...that did the trick. After picking up some stuff at his mom's and getting my friends phonenumber from facebook and stopping at the postoffice we finally started our trip.

Look what Patrick spotted...how cool it would be to live on this street. :D

We got together with a friend who I had met almost 9 years ago! Wow...we were still kids back then and did some crazy things together. Her brother in-law helped me get my Euros exchanged to dollars.  (Do you know how hard and ridiculous it is to exchange money in the US? In Germany you can get DOLLARS in any back and here they won't give me their own money...anyway)  After that we ate at Olive Gardens and then we hung out together at her home. We talked alot about Thirty-One . Check it out! They have the coolest stuff! I especially like their skirt purse.

Patrick and I then left to visit the next family. After we were introduced to all the farmanimals we headed out to eat at the Catfish house. I never had catfish but this was yummy!!!

 We spent the night there and the next morning we had church with them. It was fun to be in church with my friends again and to play the piano on Sunday morning.

Patrick can never have a normal picture...if you see one its only because I had 3 silly ones before that! :D

We went with them to the nursing home as well.

We came back home just in time to go to the evening service in Patrick's church. After church we took Patrick and I took some cute pictures I'll try to share with you all on Thursday. Lord willing we have a lot of things planned this week! Hope they all work out and I'll try to take lots of pictures! :D


  1. Your blog is super cute!! I love how you guys are devoted to waiting for each other. =-)


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