July 27, 2012

Friday Five! July 27

Multi - Purpose Necklace Set
This is such a cute idea. Often you can find necklaces like these very cheap and the redesigning them to look like this is a great idea! I have done something similar...I'll have to show it you all some time.

The Color of Music
Though I would never do this to my piano if I had one I thought it was kinda neat. Tell me: Would you do this


Dress Review from eShakti

I totally fell in love with many of the dresses on eShakti after this review. Kellie really takes some BEAUTIFUL pictures. Here you only see one of many stunning pictures.

Painted Tables- An Easy Solution

I have seen this idea somewhere else before but I really like it. I am really not into games at all but Patrick is... I might do something like this in my future home one day.

Why Women Should Respect Men

I have been following this blog for a little while now and have read her post. All of them are thought provoking and really good. Please find time to read this. Sadly most women do not respect men anymore and because of that relationships do not last. Do not be like the world...

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