July 08, 2012

Another trip to Tennessee!

Here I (Iris) am waiting in Germany to board my train to the USA.
 The trip seemed to go much faster than last time. There was less waiting time at my layover and the second flight was 30 minutes earlier... I did not mind being with my most favorite person as fast as I could.

Isn't this just beautiful?

I took Iris out to Red Lobster after I picked her up from the airport. I had my favorite Crab Alfredo and Iris has her all time favorite breaded shrimp and of course rootbeer!

Today we ran some errands and on the way Iris saw the Heritage Museum. We thought we'd go by, check if it is open and have a look around. 

Patrick at the Cash-register...you have to pay $1.

In front of an old "barn"

Iris working as a teacher-her dream job.

Patrick preaching fire and brimstone!

Here is our first real picture we took together on this trip. Aren't we a handsome couple?


  1. A very handsome couple!!! I'm glad you made it safe...I hope you have a wonderful time while you're here!

    1. Thank you! Its already been wonderful! We'll have to chat over the weekend to plan a time to get together. :)

  2. You are both indeed! (a handsome couple:)
    May your trip be filled with joy and adventure!

    1. Thank you! Adventure? That sounds like fun! Next week it will definitely be an adventure!

  3. you're an unbelievably cute couple - a perfect example of what a couple should be like! Love how you guys are able to always have fun and enjoy yourself!!!

    1. Thank you! I'll have anywhere if my man is there. ☺♥


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