July 10, 2012

Learning New Things // 5 Minute Rambling

So I saw this idea about just writing whatever comes to you mind within 5 minutes. That can actually be quite scary if you don't have anything good in your head. I have so much I want to tell I thought I would try this today...so what are some new things I am learning....

So you all know that I am going to Patrick's churches music school. There they do a lot with shape notes and that has been quite challenging. I have seen shape notes when I played on the piano from various hymnbooks but I didn't really know what they were there for. Patrick and his sister taught them to me and drilled my a little over the weekend but I'm telling you...it makes my head smoke when I'm sight singing a song and have to say the shape notes.

I also saw my first live skunk yesterday. We were just pulling in the driveway when we saw him walking toward the woods. Also saw some deer, ate a dear and had wild duck on Sunday. (That was gross!)

Still working on my last paper for college and I am looking forward to a wonderful Saturday with the love of my life and his sister! :D


My 5 minutes are up. This was interesting! I'll have to do this more often.

What have you guys been up to. Anything interesting? Let me know!

PS: Just read this again and I so need to use less so. So, don't you think? :)

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