August 14, 2012

5 Minute Rambling - August 14

Its been great seeing my Honey and spending time with him after I have not seen him in seven months. I was able to do some awesome things while I was in Tennessee. To be honest though, it did not really matter what we were doing, being with Patrick is so much fun!

Now I am in Texas. I spent the weekend with my step-mom resting, trying to get over a my brochitis and going window week is tax free weekend! ☺ Today is a special day dad is coming home from working on the barge. Looking forward to picking him up at the airport. Don't know what we'll all do together but we have some ideas: Six Flags, Snake farm, Zoo, a trip to the beach, swimming...

Summer is so much fun. Not having to work on school is so much fun. Being outside is so much fun.

What is the most fun thing about summer for you?


  1. Well, as you know right now it is only Winter here, and just about to end! Yay! So excited. I cannot stand winter, its just windy and cold. Blah. No fun for anyone. Haha :)
    But i dont really like summer either. I dont like being hot. The cool thing is you can be outdoors alot, go on picnics etc thats all fun! :)
    But otehr than that i dont like being hot, so summer is not my favourite. Autumn (fall) and spring are my fav! :)

    1. Do you have snow in the Winter? I like winter for a little bit but I do like the warmth better. :) I am really enjoying the hot weather in TX. :D


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