August 20, 2012

He spoke to me!

**Written from the heart**

The most wonderful thing is when God, the creator of the Universe, speaks to me. Yes, me Iris. Like everyone on the world I have something that is close to my heart and isn't working out the way I think it should. Ever been there? Well, I know what the Lord has told me but it seems so crazy. It seems least that is what everyone around me is telling me.

 The Lord spoke to me before about this but after a long time doubt tends to settle back in and I just don't know....I stress out, I get anxious I worry...Is the Lord going to work this out? Is this really what he wants? When is he going to step in? I get so confused, so angry, irritated at the problem. I blame various people and situations for the problem....when is this valley going to end....will it end.

Many of us have been at place like this before and in our minds we know, Christ can work it out but will he? It is trusting him and having FAITH. Oh, I don't have enough faith. Saturday night I cried again. I prayed and asked the Lord, "Tell me, are you in this? Speak to my again. I am doubting and worrying again. I need faith" I went to bed....

Sunday, every sermon just uplifted me. Sunday school was about the work of the Lord is far better than fun, feelings, family, and food (I need to concentrate on doing the Lord's will even if I seem to miss out on fun & family). One song of the special music just spoke to me. I have never heard it before but it said something about the devil giving you an easier way but you stand your ground (I hear so many easier ways to fix my problem but I am standing my ground and doing God's way). The Sunday morning sermon was about "Losing Touch with Reality". With the help of many Bible stories the visiting preacher said that Christians far to often lose touch with reality...with the real life...with God's way for life because of anger, deceit, sin, loss, ect. I don't want to lose touch with reality, with a life filled with God's peace because things aren't going my way. Sunday night 3 men preached...awesome messages. Combining the three: "Don't let your sorrows keep your down, keep strong and don't stop praying!!"

Oh what a Sunday...a Sunday when GOD spoke to me!


  1. He is so faithful to speak to us at just the right time, which often feels like our last string. So thankful for the way He loved you like this. Nice to meet you through Playdates.

    1. He is so faithful. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Don't you just love how He does this? Speaks so clearly through these things? I'm there too, friend--in the waiting. The assurance of His presence is such a tender gift.

    1. It is a wonderful gift. Life would be horrible without his Word!


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