August 05, 2012

This weekend turned out different.

Thursday sneak peek- picture session we had Friday

We had this weekend all planned out but once again everything changed in the last minute and we had to rethink everything.

Friday, instead of having a short day at work I had an extra long day again and I did not come home till 7:30. Our plans were bashed for that night but we made it special by watching the old Western "Silverado" and we snacked on Cool Ranch Doritos with sour cream and drank the best drink in the world...Rootbeer.

Saturday our chaperone had other plans so we went out to eat with my grandparents. We had vietnamese food. My dish was great and Iris's was Ok. Definitely something different. ☺We looked in a World market and they seriously had some weird stuff in there! After that we visited my Aunt, introducing Iris to more of the family.

Today we took it easy. I played some games of rook with church friends and my grandma and Iris worked on getting some of my things sold on Craigslist. Tonight we are getting see a missionaries couple that went to college with Iris. We are very excited to see them again.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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