August 10, 2012

Friday Five- August 10

Washi Tape Place Card Tutorial

These look so neat! I've seen a lot of different crafts with washi tape but they are just so expensive to get in Germany! Anyway, these place cards are unique yet very quick and easy to make. You like it too?

Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial
This is such a cheap, simple and beautiful idea to decorate outside. I want to try this some time.
Scrap Bag Rainbow Cushion
I have so much scrap back home I really like this idea. I am a big fan of patchwork and this is very cute!


Rewired Wreaths
I love wreaths and this is such a cute idea. The Initial for your family name and the house number with a cute flowers. It has a cute vintage look.

Belt Up Do
I kinda like simple belts but I know these are another great way to accent a simple outfit. Belts, the prettier are, cost more and here you can make one yourself! Check it out.




  1. I realy like the tin can laterns.
    It is a cute idea.

  2. Email me your Postal addy one day, no rush, but i will post you some washi tape. :) I am planning on buying some to stock on my page, :) And its cheap! Do you like floral style ones?


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