August 21, 2012

"I like hearing from you in the mornings"

In case you are a new follower, Patrick and I are in a long distant relationship. I live in Germany and Patrick lives in Tennessee. With 7 hours time difference are getting up and going to bed can sometimes happen around the same time.☺ A month or so ago Patrick had gone to spend an evening at some friends house. As we all know, fellowshipping with friends can sometimes turn into a very late night and that is exactly what had happened...

For me it was Sunday morning, I had gotten up, showered, put on my makeup when I get a call on Skype. Patrick just got home from his friends house. It had turned into a really fun but late night and he was telling me all about it. After I told him goodnight I headed out to walk my dog.

Out in the vineyards where I walk my dog it is really peaceful and quite. I normally don't meet anybody and since I just had a chat with Patrick there was a skip in my step as I walked through the grass. As I hiked up my skirt to step up a little hill I was having a conversation with Patrick in my head and I said, "I really like hearing from you in the morning! It makes me so happy!"

Right after those words my heavenly Father asked me if I could say those words about him. Do I enjoy hearing from him in the mornings? Do I have a skip in my step after I read his Word? Does Bible reading make me happy? I prayed to God after those questions that he would give me a greater love for his Word. In a way we are in a long distant relationship with Jesus Christ. He has written us many love letters and would love to have a Skype/Bible reading conference with us where we can chat and talk about each other...

Now I'll ask you: Do you like hearing from your heavenly Father in the mornings? Do you find time to talk to him?


  1. i try very hard every morning even before i get out of bed to put that call into jesus

    1. For me it is a constant struggle, too. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This is so cool Iris! And you are so right on with your question. God does want to hear from us every morning. Actually he wants to hear from us all the time. :)


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