August 08, 2012

Making Vintage Paper Doilies

In a post awhile back I had mentioned that I made a vintage party and for it I made these vintage doilies. They were very easy to do and just gave the table setting some flair. Here is what I did:

I added a few spoons of instant coffee. Any type of coffee will do. If you want a light tan color you can use 2 bags of black tea but I wanted something darker.
Add some water. Warm is better and...

Stir. If you want blotches of brown let a few blobs of undissolved coffee.
Take an old tea bag or a sponge to wipe coffee over the paper doilies
Make it real wet and do not forget to turn the doily around and sponge the other side.
Put it in the oven for a little pit to dry or just let them air dry.
At first you might not see the difference but against see its taking on the color.
Do this until you have as many doilies as you need.
Here you can see where I put them to use. ☺

Hope you have as much fun as I did making them and tell me if you make some! ☺


  1. What fun! :) I have done that before, except i did it with black tea instead. Have never done it with coffee, but i love the result it gives! I must try that one time soon. :) Your tea party looks so cute. Did you actually take pics of the tea party itself? I would love to see pics of that if you did. :) Enjoy!

    1. I started out with black tea but it wasn't dark enough. I have a few pics from the tea party but I try not to put to many pictures of other people on the blog. I'll send them to you. :)


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