August 03, 2012

Friday Five- August Third

The Set Apart Girl

This is a free online magazine for young women. The subjects in here are thought provoking and encourages you to become a more godly woman. There are articles for ladies in waiting and for young married women. I really enjoy reading the articles because they help me in many ways. What do you think?

Friends of Fresh Modesty

I have been following this blog for quite some time now. I love it because Olivia wears very modest yet very stylish modest outfits. A few times a week she uploads her outfit and inspires me how I can dress pretty. But now she is doing something new...your modest outfits can be featured on "Fresh Modesty". Just follow her instructions and have fun photo shooting!

Sentimental Hoarding

On A Girl and a Glue Gun she made this awesome memory quilt from old baby clothes. Instead of keeping the different clothes in a box where noone can enjoy them.....she cut the pieces and created this! Beautiful! Don't you think?

Menu Board

I really want a menu board in my future home. Ask my family, I am not into food. I forget to eat, I normally not in the mood for anything, I just don't enjoy eating. Well, Patrick is the total opposite. Thankfully I like trying new things so I don't think he will have to be afraid of only eating mac & cheese. ☺ Here is a cute Weekly menu planner I found...what do you think?

The Giveaway

As some of you know...we are having a giveaway on this blog. Share the fun and participate! It does not cost you anything and you could win a cute bird's nest!

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