August 07, 2012

Waiting and Watching

It was a normal day like this one when I was busy doing little things while Patrick was at work. Patrick does roofing and if you have had any contact with the roofing you know what hard work and how unpredictable it is. I have a greater appreciation for my roof over my head now.

Anyway, in the afternoon Patrick texts me and tells me that he is on his way to the shop. Those words are my favorite because it means he is on his way home! He still had about an hour or so from the job to the shop and then he needed to go home, take a shower and then finally he could come to where I am staying. An hour passes, than another 30 minutes and I am starting to wonder. I text him asking where he is, no response. I call him, no answer. "Well," I think "he should be here soon". I sit on the porch reading and look at every car coming and see if its him. Its not....

After 45 minutes I decide to go inside and work on the computer looking longingly out of the window. "Where is he?" "Why don't I hear from him?" "When is he coming?" It was almost 3 hours later when I heard that he left the shop and was on his way home....How happy I was to hear his voice on the phone.

That day the Lord taught me an awesome lesson.To many people nowadays are like I felt that first hour. Yes, they know the Lord is coming back. They know he could come any moment. They expect him to come soon but they continue to live their life as always....Jesus will come back whenever. They don't long for him nor look forward to his coming. I am guilty of this as well but we are not suppose to have that kind of attitude about Jesus second coming. We are suppose to feel like I did those last two hours.

We should be waiting and longing for Christ's return. We should continue working but look longingly at every sign of his second coming. We should count the minutes, we should have a skip in our step while waiting for Christ. The Scriptures speak of Christ's return as a bridegroom getting his bride. I know that I long for my wedding day (whenever it is) and I have many friends that are or have gotten married and the waiting and longing in their attitude is exactly what Christ wants in us Christians when we think of Jesus coming back.

Do you LONG for Christ's return?


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