December 21, 2012

Christmas Questions // MMI #6

This is my first time linking up to Me, Myself & I. I thought it was a lot of answering these questions and I hope you enjoy reading them!
1.What was your favorite gift given to you as a child?

I really don't have one gift that stands out above the rest but I decided to pick this little pocket doggy kennel. I think I was in first grade and we had a Christmas gift exchange and this is what I got. I LOVED it and took it everywhere with me. I still have it and all parts to it!

2.Christmas is almost here, what is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?

 This one is really hard because I love Christmas songs...I can listen to them all year and really don't have a favorite. If you have to make me choose I think I would go with the traditional "Silent Night" because I love them in both German and English.
Here are a few American Christmas songs: Jingle Bells,O Holy Night, Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, Silver Bells, The First Noel, What Child Is This, Winter Wonderland....& more

A few German Christmas songs: O du fröhliche, Macht hoch die Tür, Still Still Still, Ihr Kinderlein kommet, Tochter Zion, Der Heiland is geboren

3.What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year?

Earings, Gift certificates, this calendar & a great Christmas with family, friends & Patrick!

4.Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions?

We set up out crafted manger and set up 24 candles. Each day we burn one more candle and Mary, Joseph & the donkey slowly get closer to the little manger. On the 24th, after the Christmas service and dinner we read Luke 2, sing Christmas songs, lay baby Jesus into the manger & the shepherds come to the manger. Then we exchange gifts that sit underneath the manger scene.

5.Which do you prefer: wrapping paper or gift bags? Why? 

Wrapping paper!!! I think gift bags are lazy and unpersonal... for me. I like to take my time and effort to make the gift look nice. Among some friends I am also known as wrapping my gifts creatively. It might look like a giant candy, have fringes or a little folded fan on the top or just the way I put the string around.

The only times I use gift bags is if the gift is really strange to wrap or if I am giving a few little gifts then after they are wrapped I will put them in a gift bag. 


Write your answers bellow in a comment or answer the questions on your blog and leave the link in a comment so I can see some of your memories, opinions and traditions!!


  1. Lovely post!
    Those are some of my favorite Christmas carols as well.(: I remember having to memorize Silent Night in German once for a Christmas Eve service at church, where the choir sang parts in both German and English.(: And since one of my family's favorite Christmas albums is an old recording of a record called Christmas on the Rhine, I have many German favorites as Vom Himmel Hoch and Transeamus--do you know those ones?

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    Your Christmas traditions sound like such fun!

    I much prefer wrapping paper as well...not only is it a bit more fun to unwrap, but I think it also shows that you put a bit more thought and effort into the gift.(:

    1. Hi Vicki!

      I do know "Vom Himmel Hoch" but the title "Transeamus" does not ring a bell...might recognize it if I heard it.
      About the wrapping paper: You hit the nail on the head... it does seem to show more effort!

      Thank you for commenting!


    2. Hehe, Transeamus is a bit of an obscure one, I think. It is actually in Latin, though for some reason my choir sang it in German instead, which is why I got confused about it being a German carol! :P it's a very fun melody,'s a song about the excited shepherds going to see the Baby Jesus.(:


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