December 08, 2012

The Christmas market, a New Piano, Anniversary & the Dentist

Hi Friends,

This week was more than busy.... I lot of things were done...a lot of things happend. In between all of this we looked at 3 apartments and I have been practicing a few songs for the Messiahs Oratorio that the Christian school is doing for their Christmas program. Today is the day!!! I hope we all do well....only a few players are professionals the rest of us are kids or adults that love to play music...yeah..hem hem. Well here we go:

Last weekend our church had a booth at the Christmas market and it was our turn to run it for 3 hours on Saturday...

Saturday I got my Christmas gift...a piano from my Dad and step-mom. Friends of ours were leaving and my Dad decided to give me my life long wish...a real piano. I've been playing for 17 years and only had a keyboard all this time... I have been playing it every day! :D Here she is...I think I should name wanna help?

On Sunday was Patrick and my 2.5 year courting anniversary. I know...cheesy...but every mile stone is special to us. We didn't do much. We tried to match...had root beer to celebrate (you can't get root beer on the German economy) and went to the Christmas market and ate Crepes for a treat. :)

Monday I had my first wisdom tooth still hurts but its getting better...well, I guess it doesn't help playing the violin and pressing it on that cheek for practice 5 hours long! Anyway, the doctors were of good sport and let my Oma take pictures and one of the assistant took one while they were operating. Any of you get your wisdom teeth removed yet?

Friday it snowed...hard...and everything is white again!!! You shall see pictures on Thursday!! :)


  1. Ugh, a wisdom tooth fun! Hope it's feeling better!

    1. Today was the first time with not so much pain and I felt good!

  2. Oh, hope you feel better soon. ( I got all of my wisdom teeth removed at once, but thankfully they gave me general anaesthesia!)
    Looks so Christmasy there! And just gotta say I love your red coat.

    1. I know Americans like to take all four of them out at once. Here in Germany only one side at a time and only when it's really necessary! So I only got my bottom tooth removed. I only had general anesthesia as well. :)

      Got the coat last year for it too! :)

  3. I love your coat and scarf! happy anniversary!!!! so happy about your piano!!!! hope you feel better!-Follower of Christ


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