December 17, 2012

My Flute Medley- Media Monday

Hello Friends,

Another week has started and..... only 7 more days till Christmas (if you do it on the 24th). Bellow I decided to post a video of my playing my flute at my college's Christmas Concert. I was at college my freshman year. I picked these two German Christmas songs for my flute medley because I was really missing home (my first time away from home during Christmas) and I wanted to play some familiar songs. 

My roommate and now good friend accompanied me on the piano and we had lots of fun practicing together. I had picked like 10 songs and dwindled it down to 2. :D This flute was an early Christmas present: A silver plated /full silver head flute (in case you're into that stuff ☺). I was so nervous playing "alone" and in front of all these people I didn't know! ☺

We had our concert twice. We planned to do it the college chapel (the video bellow) but the Pastor liked it so much he wanted us to do it again at church and so I got to play in front of over 1000 people. ☺ You can watch the saved video stream >here< . I also played with our "Bluegrass Group"...something we kinda just put together. Actually this was officially the first song we played together. Sounds more Irish. All of us aren't comfortable with the instruments we played but we had fun!

I think I am going to go watch our Christmas Concert now too!☺

By the way....what instruments do you play?


  1. Lovely! I always love the sound of flutes.(: I recognized the last two songs too! My church often uses that second one in its Christmas eve service--I really like how it sounds on the flute!

    Hmm...I play a bit (literally a bit...I've never devoted as much time to practice as I should!) of piano, and recently have started learning to play the Irish tin whistle.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. You play a little piano? Its a great instrument!I might do a few videos next year of me playing (&singing). I don't play the Irish tin whistle but have played on it a little and love the style! I love Irish music anyways...☺


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