December 10, 2012

Nutcrackin' Suite // Media Monday

Thank you everyone for wishing me well. My tooth/cheek feels good now. No pain since Saturday! Tomorrow I am getting my stitches out! We'll see when I'll go in for the other side. Please continue to keep Patrick and I in your prayer. We're in a rough patch right now...emotionally. Pray for faith and strength!

Anywaaaaay..... to today's Media Monday...

These two ladies are funny and are extremely talented! The piano player is awesome and the flute player plays about every flute out there. Being a flute and recorder player myself this is just awesome to me. Go ahead...hit play....I am sure you will love it!

Even though flute is not my favorite instrument to play I do love Christmas songs on the flute!! Patrick and I are thinking about practicing a medley of Christmas songs on flute (me) and guitar (him)....that's how our relationship got started...☺OK, I am totally rambling here... I'll let you go listen to it now!


Do you play any instruments? What instrument(s) do you like hearing during Christmas time?


  1. Praying peace, comfort, understanding, and above all God's will for your lives. I pray that He grant you both the desires of your hearts and would light the path He has layed before you with His righteousness. Praying for you both. Hugs and many prayers-
    Kaitlyn in Alabama

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn! Greatly appreciate your words of comfort!



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