December 29, 2012

My Christmas Summary (not so short version)

How has your Christmas been. I had really good Holidays:

On the Sunday before Christmas we celebrate together as a church. It was a guest Sunday with dinner on the grounds. After that the guests left and it was “family time”. We sat in a circle talked about the last year and then had our gift exchange….

Today we had a Christmas service….we had a few lost people there that heard the gospel. After the service we had some really good food, we sang together as I played on my new piano, read the Christmas story and then it was time to open gifts.

On this day nothing really happened….my uncle got sick and we all had a slow day of good food and fun.

Pretty much all day we played games, games, games…well only two. We played a few rounds of triple domino and a few rounds of Apples to Apples. We ended the day with a movie. ☺

Starting last week and till the end of next week I am watching a 97 year old lady. She is my mom’s boss’ mom…I am having a good time and making money. ☺ I don’t have any internet there and blogging has been kinda hard. I won’t be blogging next week…I have made some new goals for next year which I want to share with you soon and I also have some new things planned for the blog but this upcoming month things will be a little slow BUT… shall still hear from moi! 

I truly love blogging but for now it is dumb for me to let my hobby stress me. Believe me when I tell you I admire people that post every day and don't like when you never know when or if you will hear from a blog. I want to & will post if there is something I'd like to share with you. If I don't have time...

Miss hearing from you all as well but I hope you guys had a wonderful & relaxing Christmas holidays!!!

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