December 18, 2012

The story of how I got Nibbles // Guest Post

For the Christmas Season I wanted to do something different, something new...and that is a Guest Post!!! It didn't take long for me to think who I would ask... I asked Samara if she would guest post here because she is awesome and mainly because I am inlove with her bunny!!! I am bunny crazy and since I can't have one I'll love hers through the pictures. She said she had a treat for it here.


Apart from my family, I think Iris is my rabbit Nibbles' biggest fan. Every post I write that features Nibbles is almost always guaranteed to have a comment from Iris swooning over Nibbles, which I think is so sweet. So when she asked me to guest post, I knew I would write something super special for Iris and share the story of how Nibbles came to be in my life.

It all started back before my husband and I were married. A dear friend of mine said she wanted to buy us a goat, as that is what her parents received as a wedding gift. I kindly steered her in the right direction and suggested that perhaps a rabbit may be a better option. From the age of 7 to the age of 18 I had always owned rabbits and was keen to have another one, so I figured this would work out perfectly. My husband, while keen, had suggested that we wait a few months to allow us to get settled into marriage before we add a rabbit into the mix. I agreed.

Well, we married on the 27th March 2010 and were prepared to have a new bundle of fur during September some time. My friend had other ideas it seems. Late June of the same year my friend called asking if she could pop around on a Friday night. I said that was fine as Joel was out leading at Youth Group at our church. Well, didn't I get the surprise of my life when she rocked up on my door step with a cute little bunny. I was ecstatic, but thought I had better pre-warn Joel so sent him this picture via text.

I didn't realise at the time that his phone did not receive picture messages. Fast forward a couple of hours. My friend has left and I am sitting on the couch cuddling Nibbles. My husband Joel got home and the first thing he asks is "Why is there a cage in the house?". At that moment I came out of the lounge room holding Nibbles and said "Didn't you get my text?". Apparently not. The next hour was probably the longest hour of my life as Joel came to terms with the fact that we now owned a rabbit. He didn't talk for a whole hour, he was totally lost for words.

Thankfully, he did come around to the idea however has made it clear that there are to be no more surprise animals when he gets home ever again! ha ha. While Joel and Nibbles had a bit of a shaky start, I like to think he has grown to love her. I'm not sure how much she likes him to be honest though- at 6"8 I think she simply views him as a scary giant and is constantly running away or stamping her foot at him! I think Iris would agree with me when I say that owning a rabbit really is so wonderful. I love the company of Nibbles and how full of personality she is. I have a small obsession with taking photos of her so thought I would share a few of my favourites. If you want to read some more stories of Nibbles and her antics, click here.

Thanks for having me Iris, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



Who else fell in love with Nibbles? I enjoyed every bit of this!!! :D


  1. I love love all the pictures!!! I can relate...the bunny on my desk eating my homework (I actually almost got point of for that!!!) & in my closet digging in my box of socks.

    My favorite picture is the one with Nibbles under your chin. LOVE IT! :D


  2. Thanks for having me- if only Nibbles new how famous she was on the internet! ha ha

    1. hehehe- I know!Nibbles Glamor!
      If I'd live closer I'd have to come snuggle with her or I'd baby sit her when you and your honey are off somewhere. :D I wish I had friends with bunnies. :(


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