December 01, 2012

A Friend's Wedding & Christmas Music

Hey Everyone! I am back!

I missed being on here and hearing from you guys. I still have a lot to do and will
So I told you last week (before my "time out") that I was going to my class mates wedding. She was a really beautiful bride. It was my first time to see her husband and he seems to be a wonderful man with a sense of humor. It is so special to look back when we first met...she was 8 and I was 9...WOW!!! Here we are now...many years later in our early 20s and so special to see us finding our special someone and getting married.
Her Daddy just handed her over to her new man in her life...

Saying their vows

Praying together. What a way to start a marriage.
I really enjoyed that part. Both of her parents prayed, his parents prayed, they prayed and then lastly the pastor prayed and blessed them.

No kissing at this wedding but they were always holding hands. ;)

At the end of the whole wedding their was a ceremony of her now being the wife and getting her head covering. Even though I personally don't believe in it I thought this part was sooooo special and I could tell the groom thought so, too!!!

Patrick and I waiting to get our rose to make the farewell arch.

This week we took some time to start decorating. Not everything is ready and up yet but I am loving the lights and snowmen. :) And how do you like my doggy/reindeer, Paxton?

And I got some new strings on my violin. The old ones I had on forever and the resin layer was just getting so was time. A lady in my church found these and gave them to me.  Doesn't a naked fiddle look weird?? :) The picture on the left is with the new strings.

So what have you guys been up to this week? I wanna hear from you!! :)


  1. wow! i loooooooove the pictures you have on your blog!!!!!!!!!! the christmas pics are soooo cute! and how did you make it that my curser is a candy cane? pure genius! you look so pretty in the last photo of the wedding! what kind of wedding was this? why didnt they kiss? why did she wear the head covering at the end? i am soooooo glad you are back blogging i missed your posts sooooooo much! paxton is adorbs!-Follower of Christ

    1. I will have to put up more pictures of our decoration as we get more set up. :)I LOVE Christmas so much so I had to get my blog looking Christmasy too! :D I've been wanting to have snow on my blog and while I was looking on how to do that I came across the instructions on changing the courser. I had a choice between a snowflake or a candy cane... :)

      The pictures are from a Russian-German Baptist wedding I attended. They are not allowed to kiss at the wedding...a big no-no. Don't ask me why because the men were kissing on the lips (also a Russian tradition). That took some getting used to but that just there lifestyle. They also believe in wearing head coverings once you are married and they decided to make a little ceremony of how she is now a wife and now has to wear a head covering. It was interesting!!

      I missed blogging too...trying to do some special things for December. We'll see what I can do in my busy schedule. :D



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