March 28, 2013

I'm Afraid I'll.....

 Be Cold-

Summer like winter I am afraid I'll be cold. I am always checking what the weather will be like and ask my family who was outside before me what it's like outside. Because of this fear I'm always wearing to much. In the winter months you'll find me wearing tights, leggings, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, my lamb's wool jacket, my thick scarf around my neck and my hat pulled tightly over my ears....some days that is quite necessary but on other days I look like a Eskimo out of place. 

In the Summer I am always bringing a light sweater. Just a little breeze and I'm wearing socks and a few more layers of clothing....only to end up being miserable and hot.

I'm better safe than sorry.

Have To Go To The Bathroom-

I hear the words "We have to go now!" and get this feeling....I HAVE to go before I leave. What if I have to go when we're on the way? So no matter if I just went a little while ago I have to go before I leave.

Or when I go to bed. Its the last thing I have to do.....if I do watch a movie or work on the blog for awhile....I have to go back downstairs and go one last time before I slip under the covers.

Be Locked Out of The House-

Almost every time I round the last corner after walking the dog this big butterfly starts flying summer saults......"Did I forget my keys?" I have never forgotten them yet and still have this unsettling feeling over being locked out of the house.

Do you have weird fears? What are yours?

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