March 14, 2013

Relationship vs. Religion

Just wanted to share this quote I heard last night in for thought.

Also wanted to tell with you that I have my very first Guest Post at my lovely bloggy friend and sponsor's home....A Girl in Flight! Go read it <here> might learn something new about me! ☺

Done with all my classes now...only one more chapter critique to write, 1.5 more chapter to read, one lesson plan to write and prepare to Sience demonstrations.....and I am done! Can't wait to get back on here for real.

Oh...and Mr. Patrick's birthday is this weekend....yep. Something fun planned....well the cake will look like fun....lets hope my artistic vein helps me doesn't leave me hanging. ☺ Its our first time TOGETHER on Patrick's birthday.

And....I could write so much to catch up many fun things...oh, I need to tell you this. I lost another glove...a blue one...and found it again hanging on a branch. Hahahaha

Goodbye my dearest friends. *wave*

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  1. Great quote and it's totally appropriate for the debate I had at the lab yesterday with 7 of my coworkers : everything started with the pope's election, and then they asked me about my faith/beliefs and I had the opportunity to expose the gospel. That was great though as scientists they consider faith as something for weak persons !
    I can't wait for you to come back here full swing !
    Blessings on your weekend !


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