March 04, 2013

Get To Know Your Camera

Everywhere I turn I see people with their DSLR camera. Where do they get the money? Do they really need it? Do I need one to make good pictures? I have asked myself these questions many times. I will be the first to admit that a DSLR camera is a great camera. Once I was able to take pictures with a DSLR camera from one of Patrick's friends. Just one picture and I fell inlove. Without much effort I had sharp and clear pictures! But you know what, with a little more effort you can take some good pictures with your normal camera

I like my Camera. Something I can do with mine that you can't do with a DSLR is keep it in your pockets at all times. My camera has lots of different settings and I continue to shoot pictures I get to know my camera more and more. I don't want to make you jealous of mine but tell you to get to know YOUR camera inside and out. 

1. It does need to be a camera. The phone cameras are getting better but they still cannot show full quality as large images. Just keep on the look out. So many people are upgrading and selling their perfectly good cameras for so cheap sometimes! Mine is >here< on Amazon.

Natural light vs. flash

2. Get to know your cameras flash functions. When is better to turn it off? On? As much as you can do not take pictures with flash. Natural lit pictures are so much more beautiful.

3. Figure out what your close up settings are. I used to focus, focus, focus, focus...and with lots of luck had a decent picture. Just a little while back I saw I actually had a setting for close ups and it has been fun! I love close ups.

4. Just play around, take pictures in all settings...which setting good for when its dark outside. I have one setting (Auto Adjustment) that I use for detailed pictures and a simple setting (easy) for when I'm out and about just snapping picture.

Today I want to encourage you to go take some pictures now. Take a hike and just starting snapping pictures or grab your friend/ sibling and go on a photo-shoot. The next three Mondays I will introduce you to my favorite free photo programs!


  1. Can't wait to see you talk about your favorite free photo programs! I knew about PicMonkey but I never used it till you blogged about it. I took a college computer class where I learned how to use PhotoShop among other programs, but I can't afford it myself and my computer couldn't even install it for the free trial :(

    1. I just read the other day that you can download photoshop's old version for free now! But that is sad that you cannot download it! :(

      So you heard about pic monkey from me....I am always worried I am coming with old news but I am glad it's not so!

  2. Great idea! As I have mentioned before I have a camera kinda like yours......actually....those are some great tips! I can't wait to get started on trying out those new ways to take a awesome photo with a good camera! Thanks Iris-Follower of Christ

    1. Photography is so fun....I just love nature photography! God is a great artist! I'm glad you learned some new tips. Tell me how you are doing and what you've learned.



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