March 21, 2013

SPriNg iS HeRe

I am so excited to have spring finally come. The weather is slowly warming up (even if it's suppose to snow again) and the days are longer. Its easier to wake up in the morning and I don't get tired around 4 PM because its dark outside.....

Spring Pictures I love from Pinterest!

Love early Spring

Any favorite Spring Pictures from Pinterest your loving? Leave a link in the comments.


  1. I had seen some of those pictures on Pinterest too and I love it. I'm longing for spring too. No blooming trees yet and in the forecast there's snow for monday...eeeek ! :-(
    Have a great day and a great weekend !

    1. No trees blooming here either...a few bushes are sprouting leaves and some buds here and there....Krokos are coming out! ☺

      Have a great day & weekend as well!


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