March 23, 2013

Liebster Award....and more about me

Last week a faithful reader, Kara,  from Flowers of Quiet Happiness was so kind as to give me the Liebster Award! I feel honored that she enjoys my little blog here and thought of me when she looking for blogs to give it too. What I think is cool is that the reward is from a German word! Liebster = Favorite.

To make this Award more fun you name 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions the nominator asked you. Here we go...

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Eleven random facts about me.....I'll list them as they pop in my head....

  1. I can't stand potatoes....never did and probably never will. Most people are shocked when they here is but I just can't. I eat them hear and there but they are just nasty....I will eat fries (grease makes anything taste good) but of they get to big....they taste like potato and I don't like 'em. Mashed potato out of the box is the best doesn't taste like potatoe.
  2. I put on Carmex right before I go to sleep. I almost can't fall asleep without. 
  3. I am easily distracted.....I always had a hard time concentrating on one thing.
  4. When I was four I ran around with a pencil in my skirt pocket, fell and stabbed it into my stomach. Nothing to horrible....I cried and it bled a bit.....and for about the next 6 years I had a grey dot an inch above my belly button.
  5. I have been crazy about dogs since I was 6 months old...been bitten 4 times....2 times needed stiches...and still love dogs. ☺
  6. I pretty much try every thing once. Who knows...I might find a new favorite food! And snails....but frog legs & alligator!
  7. English is easier for me than German school I wrote B's & C's and in the American college I am writing A's and B's....pretty telling, huh?
  8. I am not to crazy about icecream. Now that I am older I'll eat it more but I don't have to have it. The cone is the best part....I could lots and lots of cones!
  9. When you half-half you don't belong to anything. In Germany I was "the American girl" when I go to the States I'm "the German girl".....tradition and lifestyle I am probably more German because I grew up here with my German mom but my interests, humor, likes and dislikes are more American.
  10. I don't feel comfortable in the kitchen...rarely cook or bake....but thankfully everything I have made so far turned out pretty good....I also got an A in cooking!
  11. Saturday's I like to sleep in and then just hang out in bed for my Bible work on my laptop and just.....relaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxssssssssssssssss.

So now to answering the 11 questions:
1. What was your favorite book as a child?
Bunnies New Shoes......still love bunnies...and love new shoes.

2. What's your favorite film (that was originally a book)?
I don't have a favorite....I just started the "Little Dorrit" Series on Youtube by Charles Dickens.....7 hours!!!

3. Do you eat breakfast every morning and what's your favorite breakfast food?

Every matter how early or late I get up! Cereal, Toast with Strawberry jelly, bacon, scrambled & boiled eggs, Brötchen, .....the only thing I don't really like is biscuits and gravy.

4. What's the longest book you've ever read?
Oh, I don't remember....I have read one or two 250+ page books. This week I quickly read through a 400+ book called: "A Lady in Defiance"....was interesting....but don't know if I can recommend.

5. What's your favorite flower?
Lots...a deep red rose....sunflowers.....Lavender....I'll stop there
6. Who's your favorite character (book or movie)?
Don't have one character I love. A favorite is a sweet but strong lady....going through a hard time but staying true to God.

7. Have you ever broken a bone?
No. I have cracked a finger that got stuck in a car door....but that is about it.

8. If you were writing a novel, what would you name the main character?
Oh my....hmmmm....Avonlea (?)

9. Do you enjoy playing games? If so, what's your favorite?
Nope....I really can't stand friends know not to ask me....BUT I have a weak spot for Apples to Apples.

10. Do you enjoy traveling? If so, where's your favorite place you've been?
Oh, I do- I do!!! I have been to the US (Tennessee, Texas, North Caroline, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Maryland....maybe a few more), Canada, Germany (ahem...), Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria....a day trip to France...yep

11. When you're writing, do you use pen and paper or a computer?

Computer, computer, computer.....its to hard for me to write on paper now.

Thank you again Kara,

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  1. I just read "A Lady in Defiance" a few weeks ago! I was bored and it was inexpensive on my Kindle. It was interesting, but I agree with you - I don't think I could recommend it. I enjoyed reading this post! It's always fun to learn random little details about someone. :)

    1. It is fun to get to know people...and learn the little details. ☺


  2. This award is so much fun! I love learning new things about bloggers. :-)

  3. Loved your answers Iris! :)

    You and I are alike, I love sleeping in on Saturday's too. That's what they're for, right?! ;P

    Are you enjoying Little Dorrit? It's incredibly long, but Amy is so very good and I love watching it. I don't watch it often, cause it's so LONG, but every now and again I get in the mood for it. I love costume/period dramas in general though. :) It's actually the first Charles Dickens adaptation that I've enjoyed.

    You are certainly a traveler! Love it. I haven't traveled that many places at all, but I do like to. Seeing new places and new things is so much fun, isn't it? :D

  4. Hey! Sorry our internet has been down for a while. I am currently typing this on my iphone. Sounds like you and patrick had a lot of fun on his birthday!!!! Plus i would love to stay at the church all day that would be awesome!!!!! And congragalations on the award!!!!!!!!! I love your blog soooo much and am really happy you got the Liebster!!!

    1. I am so happy to hear from you again Leah. I was getting worried and really missing you but really had no way to get in touch. Glad it was "just" the internet....and that you still like my blog. Hehehehe ☺

      Hanging out in church all day is a favorite. My bestes friends are their, the fellowship is great. ☺


  5. The long message above is me Leah or Follower if Christ ps our internet is bein really weird so that is why i had too write another comment to tell you who i was.


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