March 18, 2013

PicMonkey // Favorite Free Foto Programs

Today I want to introduce you to PicMonkey. I do most of my photo editing in Picasa but some things are special in PicMonkey. One thing I especially like to use it for is photo collages.

Lets work on a photo together!
The two arrows show what I like to use the most of the time.  I should have added "crop" because they have a setting called "Facebook" that will cut your pictures exactly the size of your cover picture.

They have so many styles here....just pic what fits best to the picture and you!

At the lipstick you can do a lot of small my bunny picture I just did "red eye"

You may have seen this a lot on blogs. The picture with the faded box...PicMonkey lets you do that!

Add your Title....or in my case the names and a cute little bunny clip art.

And if you want....add a frame! The little color picker in the right corner of the colors you can go over your picture and click the color from the picture you want in your frame!

This is what I got....aren't those two cute? My last two rabbits.

Do you use PicMonkey a lot? What do you like to use it for?

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  1. I've never used Picmonkey actually. But I've seen it mentioned a couple times recently. This was great! A good tutorial to get me started. I need to check it out. Thanks! :)

    (Also, I awarded you the Liebster award. Not sure if you've ever gotten one before or not. But check out my post if you want.)

    Don't feel like you have to though! Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. :)

    1. I hope you have/ had fun using PicMonkey! I just love all the possibilities.

      I am sooooo honored that you gave me the Liebster Award!! No I have never gotten it before so this is really special. I will see if I can find time to answer the questions. Thank you so much Kara!

  2. I don't have it yet but I'm going to download it as soon as possible ! It seems very powerful and simple !
    BTW, I did some editing w/ Picasa this weekend (thanks your post from last week !) and I love it ! It's really convenient ! Thank you so much for sharing such useful softwares !
    Blessings !

    1. You can't dowload PicMonkey it's an online picture editor but you are right it is very self explanatory and simple!

      I am also glad you are having a great time with Picasa. I will get to your email as soon as I can....really busy weekend!


  3. I wish I could figure out how to make cute buttons with no photo, just words or a piece of clip art.


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