March 28, 2013

Little Dorrit and North & South

So last week, while looking for Science projects on youtube I saw this "hour" movie called Little Dorrit. I looked it up to see if it was worth looking at....sounded interesting. Friday, while just hanging out downstairs I decided to watch ended....well not really....the movie did but the story didn't....boy was I surprised that there were 16 episodes!!!

Little Dorrit
Amy Dorrit....the main character is a sweet sweet girl that stays innocent and loving no matter what life brings her way: poverty, wealth...sickness and health.
The Dorrit family- They are all so different yet all are a proud matter how life treats them. The only one who stays sweet is her Uncle Frederick....he knows his place and is happy there.
Authur Clennam.....a man of position and integrity. He faces his problems like a man and does not esteem himself above others but finds friends even in low society. A true hero.
Rigaud- Boy was he a scary charactar.....he played his part as the killer frenchman very well.
Mr Pancks- Scary and weird looking (and acting fellow) but a lovable guy....
John Chivery- He made me cry so often. His undying and unselfish!

I stayed up till 3 AM last night to finish this 4 hour good to stop.

North and South
Margeret Hale- A strong headed but very kind woman trying to fit her ideals in world of unfairness. She sees and goes through a lot of heart ache in a short time but it mold her into the beautiful woman.....
John Thornton-  A handsome man with a he a good man trying to do right or is he a power hungry man  treating the people under him cruel....depends on who you ask.
Nicholas & Bessy Higgens- The first friends of Margeret and give us a glimps in the life of the cotton factory worker....they learn a thing or two as well.
The sweet.

Have you seen these movies? How do you like them? 
If not, you must....take some time and watch these! Take a step back in time and live a live during the 1800's in England....

{Source of pictures: Google Images...Click on picture to see where they're from}


  1. I've never seen Little Dorrit or North and South, but I'd really like too! I got N&S from the library a while back, but never had the time to watch it (I prefer to watch most if not all of it at the same time!). I've seen it a lot online, though, and it sounds really good!

  2. Not joking -- these movies have been for the past three years my TOP FAVORITE MOVIES EEEEEEEVER. I adore them and have watched them sooooooo many times....especially North & South. It melts my heart. SO glad you finally watched it!!!

  3. How fun! I love period films. :-)


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