May 15, 2017

The Blue Birdhouse is Moving

I know I've been quiet here for almost a year. My blog moved to a wordpress site for just a few months, when it was hacked into and vanished from the world wide web.
Just imaging how it could work...the room sizes are not correct...just how I remembered it.

August 17, 2015

DIY: Dresser Makeover

Today I am finally sharing my big makeover I actually did a long time ago. I need to get better at making and posting. So lets get started:

Love this vintage bird dresser. She shows exactly how she painted it....step by step instruction. DIY

August 04, 2015

6 Entryway Tables

Love this entry table set up...and there are more lovely ideas on her blog!
PB & J Stories
 So I am doing a lot of rearranging at my house. Organizing and rearranging my bedroom (which I can't wait to reveal) meant finding "homes" for various furniture pieces. One of my antique childrens table & chair set will be be in the stairway...and I want it to be nicely decorated and welcoming. So where did I go for inspiration? Yep, Pinterest! Here are a few pictures I enjoyed.

July 31, 2015

My 10 Favorite Ikea Kallax Shelf Ideas

So I bought some Kallax (previously called Expedia) shelves in Ikea this week. I totally love how it changed the feel of my bedroom! So organized and put together.

In order to see some organizing/decorating ideas for the Kallax shelf I looked around on pinterest only to be amazed by all the DIFFERENT things you can do with these shelves! So here are my 10 favorites. Most links bring you to other posts with kallax hack ideas!

July 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List

So during the last days of school we worked on this project in school. The plan was to draw ourselves with big sunglasses. In each of the glasses we were suppose to draw a picture of something we are planningon doing this summer.

So what do I have on my summer bucket list....well it probably is more of a "To-Do List":