June 23, 2014

Wedding Website

Check out Patrick and my wedding website and stay informed with everything wedding related going on!
If you are interested in contributing towards our wedding you can check out our registry....anything from $5-200! :)

Thank you wonderful readers!

June 18, 2014

My Birthday in Pictures

My first birthday away from home I decided to try that project of taking a picture every hour....documenting everything I did on my special birthday. I took a few extras....

All pictures were done with my phone.
Reading my birthday Psalm
Excited! +outfit picture
My toes match my outfit!
Quick breakfast.... Marshmellow Matys my dad bought me
Working on a list for what I need for the wedding....
Quick run to wal mart.....
Moving a load to the new house.....
The backyard at the new house
Working on my wedding website....
Who will be our groomsmen
Getting freshened up for church
Birthday dinner....
Going to church....
Getting icecream for the birthday cake and stopping in the toy section with my honey...
Finally bed time again.....the end of my birthday

Birthdays are a semi big deal at our house....we always try make the birthday kid feel special, decorating the table, having their favorite foods....and of course sing to them at 12 AM on their birthday. It was the first time I was away from home.....and not to have a birthday celebration of some kind. This photo project was a lot of fun and I know I will be doing it again.

How do you celebrate birthdays at your home?

June 10, 2014

Courthouse Wedding

We got married legally at the courthouse on June 9th, 2014..... our real wedding is still August 16th. ☺
Check out why we did it this way {here} on our wedding blog.

This is how the day went.

I woke up feeling normal....but pretty excited. I woke up pretty early....maybe because many were already busy doing some more packing for the move, my body is used to getting up early, I just was excited....or maybe all mixed together.

In the morning Patrick and I went with my dad and step-mom shopping..... You see, I had ordered a tungsten ring online & had it engrave....bad idea. Anyway, it looked aweful on Patrick's finger....it's a long story but we knew...I knew this would not work for the "rest of our lives". 

Also, I had ordered a nice white dress for this special day and it did not come in time....another story. Let's just say I learned some things. Don't buy tungsten...and paypal waits 3-5 days before they send the people the money.

So off we went into the first pond shop. Patrick tried a few on and we both fell in love with the same one....off we went to get it resized.

While that is being done we head to the nearby mall and go right into dress barn. Ladies, I wish I had lots of money....there were SOOO many modest dresses and skirts in there!! I wanted them all! Anyway, everyone grabbed a white dress where they found one and I headed right into the dressing room. #1 Ok.....not bad. #2 (Patrick picked it)....wow, nice....looks really good! #3.....nope. So as I chaged back into my clothes my dad & step-mom go to pay the dress.

Now it's time to go home and get ready.

Change, slip into dress, do my make-up, curl my hair....while I curled my hair I asked God to let it be a good hair day....this was a special day. Ladies, it worked! I have not been able to make my hair look like that since.

We got the papers we needed....everyone got into the car and off we went to the Country Clerk.

There we waited for everyone to get there. Soon we were called into the office to get out marriage license....paper work, paper work, paper work. But finally it was time to sign. Whoohoo! Last time I signed "Williams" as my last name! ☺

During this time my mom & grandma "joined" us on skype....which was super special.

Now to get this marriage legal we have to do a ceremony. I had a few choices....and when the lady mentioned the tree outside it didn't take a second to make the decision. So outside we all went.

Patrick's brother was there and was our legal wittness. Patrick's sister Hannah was the "maid of honor" for this wedding ceremony. The rest was family and soon to be family watching this special moment.

We said our vows & exchanged our rings.....me accidentally repeating Patrick's vows too....yes I was just a bit nervous.

"Now you may kiss the bride"....Patrick gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. It was special. I am so glad my dad caught it on camera!

After the ceremony we headed to the Parthenon in Nashville and took a few pictures.

Soon it was time to head to the melting pot...many were already crossing their legs by that time and were happy to get going.

Once we were all back together they brought us to our table.....Patrick had them do something special and the table had red rose peddles everywhere....I got a beautiful red rose...a melting pot teddy bear & chocolate covered strawberries!

It took us probably around 15-20 minutes just to decide what we exactly wanted for each of the 4 courses....but then our 3 hour eating started.

There was lots of talking, laughing and eating and we ALL had a wonderful time together.

Once we got home we were all extremely tired....our rings were put back into the box waiting for August 16th to come around.

June 9th will always have a special day in my heart because that day is when I legally stole his last name. ☺

June 04, 2014

Follow Me On Instagram

I am using my dad's old smartphone while I am here in the US and one of the first things I did was get instagram! I've been wanting instagram for a long time because I love pictures & photography. And instagram is just that!!

So if you are on instagram come follow me here and see what I'm up too. I just started out so there isn't much to see just yet but with each new day they'll be more pictures.....

Do you like instagram? How many times a day do you post something?

Free June Desktop Backgrounds

I'm late...again! What can I say, I've been busy. Who is not? But Patrick's family is moving and there is a lot to get done so I've been busy helping pack & load things. I am getting my pre-wedding workout with all those boxes.

So June is my favorite month.....yep....because it's my birthday month. ☺That is why I love both of these designs....I really don't know which one I should pick.

Which one do you like better?