March 24, 2012

Springbreak 2011

In college, spring break is probably one of the most exciting events in one's spring semester. ☺ At first I was planning on going to see a friend but when that didn't work out I was hoping to go see Patrick. I wanted a chance to meet and get to know his family, too. After getting the permission to go see him we both were really excited and started planning some things we could do together. Spring break was right after my school's Soul-Winning-Marathon and so I was packed to go to Patrick about a week early. We came home from SWM late Friday night, Saturday I slept in (which is special in college) and then some of us college students drove to the airport. I was excited and nervous to go see Patrick.

When I finally found out that Iris was coming I was very excited because she was going to meet all my family and I could see her again. I had all these ideas in my mind on what we could do and where we could go. I was constantly thinking of things we could do together. I was so excited!!! The Saturday that she was coming...I couldn't wait. I was trying to decide on what I would do when I saw her at the airport. Would I scare her or just walk up to her and say hello? While I was waiting for her at the airport I saw this big pillar and had the idea I would hide behind there and wait for her to walk by....

It was late when I landed and I was so nervous seeing Patrick. I walked down the long corridor toward the baggage claim. I did not know where Patrick would be and was keeping my eye open but walked pretty quickly. I came into this somewhat round room with two pillars. When I saw the exit I walked even faster. I walked past one of the pillars (which I didn't notice) but all of a sudden I smelled Patrick's family smell. I wondered why it smelled like Patrick, kept on walking but something inside of me told me to turn around only to see Patrick leaning against the pillar with his cowboy hat on. ☺

I was waiting behind the pillar and growing impatient because it seemed like everyone was off the plane and Iris still had not walked by yet. Finally she walked by. Planning to scare Iris I just wanted to go follow her when she suddenly turned around and looked at me. I was so surprised! We went to pickup her baggage, picked up some dinner at Wendys and then took her to Grandmas. 

I was nervous when we got to my Grandparents because I had told them so much about her but they both gave her a big hugg and that made me feel much better-

Here are some of the things we did together that week:

MONDAY- After I came home from work Iris, my sister and I went to a friend's church because they were having a meeting and the preacher makes pottery during his sermon

TUESDAY-  When we got home Patrick shewed me where he grew up and the way there was a beautiful scenic route which showed me just how beautiful Tennessee is!!!

WEDNESDAY- We went out to eat with my Grandparents at Chappies and I introduced Iris to our church band. She played along on her flute. That night her Dad and Step-mom came to church and would be spending the next the few days with us. After the service we all went to mom's house, had cake and talked. 

THURSDAY- This day we spent with my Dad. I number one mission was so find a spring banquet dress that I needed for college. We went to a mall and after searching and trying on many dresses we finally found a cute dress. 

Our mission number two was going out to eat at the Melting Pot but since we still had some time we were driving through Nashville. I saw the beautiful Park and really wanted to take some pictures there. We went to look at the Parthenon and my Dad and Step-mom took lots of BEAUTIFUL pictures of us.

Patrick being a stalker ☺

After we took the pictures we changed and headed to the melting pot where I/ we all ate one of the best meals in our life. I can only recommend to try it yourself! It was a four course meal and after we were done I thought I would explode. A cheese-spinach fondue was the appetizer, then came a large plate with salad, the main course was the oil fondue with a large variety of meat (pork, Faille Mignon, NY-strip, chicken, duck, goat cheese & Lobster tail). The dessert was my top favorite- chocolate fondue. Yuuuuuuuuuumy!!!

FRIDAY- Iris had some homework to do and we didn't do much of anything else. We watched movies until it was time to go meet her Dad at the hotel. From there we went to eat at Ryan's  then we went back to my mom's house to finish watching a movie.

SATURDAY- This was a very sad day and the week went by so fast. (Iris) I cried pretty much the entire flight back and really wanted to come visit again.

My college spring break was a wonderful week!

March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Patrick

1 week old Patrick!♥
Patrick turns __ __ today!

Since we celebrated it together yesterday we are writing the blog today. ☺ We had a great time and made this second birthday together as special as possible over  Skype. This is what we did:

I was asleep nice and peaceful when suddenly a loud ring came from the computer. Sloooooooowly I turned... to see that Iris was calling me. So I answered and saw that Iris, her mom and grandma were sitting there and they started singing Happy Birthday. It just turned 12 o'clock in TN.

After a few more hours of sleep we started our date and my birthday over Skype. After a few minutes of talking we continued with our Bible study on faith. We look up every verse in which the word "faith" is mentioned and we found it interesting that the disciples were being rebuked for their lack of faith whereas the Gentiles were commended for their great faith.
Here is a picture of us doing our Bible study:

After the Bible study we played a few games over Skype. We had a lot of fun trying out new games and Iris got a chance to win too. ☺(Iris- I never get to win so I was super excited!!!)

On the picture below are some random pictures. In the first picture you see us giving cheers over Skype with our root-beer. ☺☺

We ate lunch/dinner together with my mom & grandma. Patrick & I planned a good meal of lasagne, garlic bread, salad and rootbeer. Patrick added corn to his meal which I thought does not fit with lasagne.  ☺

Here is the Birthday-boy with the ice cream cake. We sand "Happy Birthday" in German & then he blew out the candle. ☺Sadly none of us could have a piece but I don't think Patrick was to sad that he can have it to himself ☺ Now he can enjoy ice cream cake over the next few days. But my mom, oma & I had ice cream, too! After we ate our desserts Patrick got to open the gifts I sent him.

My favorite gift was a 3 CD pack of 50 mandolin songs. I was impressed of the many styles (classical, hymns & bluegrass) the mandolin was playing and at how simple each song is played. It showed me that you don't always have to play fast & over the top to make the mandolin sound nice and impressive!

After food and celebrating Iris and I watch a funny movie together. We had a good time laughing together and talking about the day. Iris then went to bed and I spent some time with good friends of mine.

It was an amazing day "together" and we both had lots of fun!!!

Patrick and I "together" March 17, 2012

 Birthday card 

March 10, 2012

☼ Flowers- a sign of Love

The picture here on the left are the first flowers I have ever received. And this is the story:

Patrick and I had been dating about 3 months when I moved to my college in FL. I had never seen anyone dating before and really didn't know how one should/could "act". Patrick was nice to me and kept our relationship secretive while we were in Germany because I was nervous and embarrassed (I know I'm weird ☺).

At college I met many couples doing right but being open about their relationship, also I was having a hard time skyping Patrick without anyone noticing ☺. I told Patrick that I no longer wanted to keep it a secret but didn't know how to go about telling the others about him. He told me he had a plan and that I should await something in two days...

I was waiting patiently waiting for her to get over being shy. There were so many times when I wanted to tell the good new about our courtship but I declined the opportunity.

When the day came that she wanted to make it known to the world that she and I were dating I quickly thought of a plan to help that along: something to make her happy but to show everyone in her college that she is not available. ☺ I told her that I had a surprise for her and that it would get there in two days. I knew it would confuse her because she would be thinking I was sending something from Germany.

Like he said, I was confused. I had no idea how he could be so sure it would be here in 2 days... 2 weeks maybe but not 2 days. I waited and actually had a purple slip in my mailbox 2 days later telling me that I had a package!!!

The funny thing was that just a few hours before receiving my conversation opener I told a few girls that I had a boyfriend and they made me show a picture. ☺ Well anyway, I went to the Student Affairs office to pick up my package and guess what... It was a box of flowers!!! I never had flowers sent to me but I recognized it from movies. ☺ Everyone wanted to see so I opened it down there. They were so beautiful. ♥♥

Now over the year and eight months Patrick has given me lots of flowers. ☺♥ He definitely knows how to win a girls heart.

First Flowers I ever received
Flowers to cheer me up!
The flowers from the surprise visit (Valentines Day)

Flowers he bought me on my first visit to TN

The  TWO bouquets  from my second TN visit

Flowers he sent just because he loved me! ♥

My Valentine flowers 2012

♥☺ I still have them all .... dried.☺♥

March 03, 2012

Faith In The Making

Dear Friends,

The steps are slow but steady with the plans for Patrick's move to Germany. Sometimes it can get real discouraging but it is awesome to know God is with us. We both love to talk about the times when we can truly see the Lord at work. It is so special to see the hand of God in our lives because it proves to us that the Lord cares about us bu I think we all can come to agree that there are times when we are worried about tomorrow.
With this big step that Patrick will be taking in the fall, figuring numbers and trying to make things meet can sometimes be scary! As Patrick and I were talking numbers I happened to glance on a title of one of my songs: "Don't Worry". Many of you are probably thinking of "Don't Worry- Be Happy" but that's not it. ☺It is a song from PCC and as soon as I read those words I could hear the music in my head:

Don't Worry about what to eat
Don't worry about shoes for your feet
Don't worry about a place to stay
Let Jesus take your worries away

 After listening to that song I felt much better! ☺


Without the Lord it would be impossible to move to Germany but the Lord has been giving me assurance that this is what he wants me to do. I just need to learn to trust him which can be hard sometimes. That is why it is called living by faith and not by sight. This week my church has been having a family revival. I've been getting discouraged lately about the road to Germany and how hard it is becoming but every sermon has been about trusting in the Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit and following God's will for your life no matter what. Once he even turned to the same passage of Scripture that God showed me about me moving to Germany. This was reassuring to me that everything is going to be fine.

Here is a good quote from Corrie Ten Boom:

Please continue to pray for us!