December 28, 2013

Goals 2013 Roundup

I've been really bad.....but here a final Roundup of my goals this year.

→Be more efficient with my time- I had good days.....and bad days. Every day I try to be more efficient.

→A glass of water every day**- Well....I have not been doing that much anymore but I have been trying to drink more.

**I don't drink any soda or coffee and when I am not drinking water I drink at least 5 glasses of 1/3 apple juice diluted with 2/3 water .
 →Play piano 4x a week- I have been doing pretty good at this....even if I'm really busy I'll play one song...just to relax.

→Play violin once a week- Nope....not at all. My violin stayed at the church so I could play with our little group when we had a little bit of time.

→Exercise 15 minutes- I  did good....I did really bad....I did good for a few weeks ago...and then bad again.

→Pass out a tract-  ....

read a book every month- I did pretty good with this.

create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- I love crafting and this was no problem.

1 guest post/month- I do need to work on this well as doing Guest post.

→1 vlog/ month- Not consistent but I did try.

practice one song a month together- Don't know if we actually worked on one every month but we have been singing songs for church regular.

continue monthly date night -  Nope....we even forgot our 3.5 year anniversary.

December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I hope you have wonderful holidays....and don't forget to think of Christ in this festive time! 
Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you for the comments, prayers and emails you send my way. It is truly a blessing.

December 23, 2013

Free Christmas Chalkboard Printables // 4 Languages

I had so much fun making these simple printables. I like learning different phrases in many languages and decided to create a "Merry Christmas" printable in....English, German, French, Spanish and Italian!! And on the very end....something I am hoping for....

Merry Christmas in German
Merry Christmas in French
Merry Christmas in Spanish
Merry Christmas in Italian

And....who else loves white Christmases and who enjoys this long Christmas movie?

Do you have all your decorations ready for Christmas?

December 20, 2013

Unthankful Christmas

As I am listening to Christmas music and wrapping some gifts when I got a little annoyed at how unthankful some people can be....or at least seem to be. How even though in today's society with phones, Facebook, emails & Skype you never hear a simple "Thanks".....

But then I thought about how God sent his only Son, the best gift he could give to the world, let him grow up and  
DIE for YOU & me.

And you know....he does not even get a "Thanks".....and with God you don't even need the excuse of a phone or internet to say Thank you.

I said thank you and  accepted that gift [Jesus Christ] 18 years is the most precious thing I got and I am thankful I am not on my way to hell anymore.

When did you accept Christ's gift?

December 18, 2013

Here Am I Lord Send Me // Video

Patrick and I practiced & recorded this beautiful song by Ron Hamilton last week. His church in the US was having Missions Conference and his Pastor wanted us to be "a part" of it. Sadly there were technical difficulties and it could not be shown but today I thought I would share it with you all. ☺

December 17, 2013

Creative Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Creative way to wrap gifts... makes simple gifts look really cute

Among my friends I am known to wrap my gifts in special ways. I really dislike gift bags because they are just too easy. I love wrapping my gifts yet not always the same ole way every time.

So today I decided to share with you one way I wrap my gifts very often....with this cute little "fan" on top. It's pretty simple to do and since the pictures explain it pretty well I didn't add any explanations but if you do have a question just leave a comment. ☺

How do you like to wrap your gifts?

December 13, 2013

Christmas Market Fun

Normally we just go once to the Heidelberg Christmas just always happened that way. This year I already have been 3 times and I'm going again tomorrow! So today I decided to share a few favorite pictures.

Simple Christmas Card Tutorial // Video

Today I want to share with you HOW I made my Christmas Cards this year. I like making my own....but lots of cutting and gluing is tedious and I just didn't have time. Well and I didn't have any Christmas paper.

I showed you 2 of my cards Monday and today I share how I made one of them:

Simple, huh?

December 09, 2013

'Hootiful' & Best Gift // Christmas Cards

Who's ready for Christmas coming up really soon? I am super late this year....but I do creating my own Christmas Cards! So Saturday I sat down and made these two designs....

Which one do you like best?

Also, have you bought your customized Christmas design yet? Go HERE....and order really quick!

December 05, 2013

Short Dress to Pretty Shirt

When I saw this I fell in love...the colors, the print...beautiful BUT it was far from my modest guidlines and it just sat a bit to snug. So what did I do?

I made it into a shirt....and here is how:
#1- I removed the zipper from the dress carefully
#2 - I sewed down the back where I had removed the zipper
#3- I used a shirt that fit me well as a guideline to how to sew it.
#4- I cut out the sleeve area off the sides, cut how long the shirt should be and cut out the neckline
#5- I decided to keep it sleeveless and pinned down the arm area.
#6- I took of a strap and used it to bind the neckline.

You're done!

Did you order a Christmas cards yet? You don't want to get them out late! ☺