September 27, 2013

Leaving or Staying?

That is the question Patrick and I have been asking ourselves these last months.

Leaving or Staying?

We had days full of hope.
We had days full of doubt.

Days full of ideas.
Days with no ideas left.

To apply or not to apply....that was the question.

Patrick wanted to try to work in Security....but he didn't pass the try writing an exam in a foreign language!

Then one last last idea....time is running out, you know.

He applied....he had an interview...he worked for 3 days to see.....AND THEY TOOK HIM!!!

He has a job!

That is a big big step in the right direction! Thank you God!!

Now he needs a work permit...and with it a visa....but God can work that out too. ☺

Thank you for your prayers...will you continue to pray please?


September 24, 2013

Bird Deco // Great Bargain

All I wanted to do is get to bands from the Craft store.....then my mom saw it. There were a few baskets full of decoration stuff and you could take a bag & fill it for only 4,99€ ($6).

We stuffed that bag FULL of things! Some things for my mom and some things for me. 

The original prices:

Big bird "cage": 15€
2 small bird "cages": Each 10€
Bird rocker: 12€

Other things together: 40€

Listed are only MY things and then my mom got a few things as well.....all for 5€!

Don't you just love a bargain.

September 21, 2013

Three Months Off

If I could take three months off from my current life and do anything in the world, what would I do? 

Three whatever I want, money is not an option?
 I'd Travel.


I enjoy experiencing new things. The excitement the's great.

I enjoy seeing new things.
I enjoy seeing famous or infamous sites. I enjoy the beauty of the things around me both great and small, nature and man-made.
I enjoy learning about the past and other people in museums. I enjoy going to new zoos. Seeing lots of cool animals and comparing zoos.
I enjoy taking pictures. And whenever I go to new places there are soooooooo many cool things to take pictures of.

I enjoy traveling.

I enjoy figuring out what to wear and what to take with me.
I enjoy packing my pages and saying goodbye.
I enjoy the trip to the airport anticipating seeing new things.
I enjoy roadtrips and flying.
I enjoy sleeping in new places and seeing new people.

I enjoy traveling.

Some places I'd like to order:


ireland landscape wallpaper - Ireland Landscape Pictures
Southern France (Provence)


Great Britain,_Scotland_-_Jan_2011.jpg


and so so many more....

What would you do in those 3 months?

September 15, 2013

Birthday Cards // Bicycle & Gun

I made two birthday cards this weekend.

Just love the cute vintage bicycle & curly writing in this one....

A manly card for Patrick's brother, a gun smith.
gun birthday card

Do you have any ideas for homemade manly cards? I can always use new inspiration!

September 11, 2013

One Little Sparrow

Saw this dead little sparrow on the ground the other day....but it reminded me of how awesome it is that I can have a personal relationship with GOD and see how much he loves me.

September 08, 2013

Canoeing....something every couple should do

Last week we went canoeing with the young adults from church....and it was an interesting experience. If you've followed my blog for any amount of time you may have read that I am really afraid of water so I was a bit nervous going into a mini boat that rocks and wobbles.

And you know what? Canoeing is A LOT harder than I thought it would be and after 3 hours of "figuring it out" I was ready to be done. 

The reason I say every couple should go canoeing is it's another one of those activities that needs team work. Boy, oh boy.....if the people in the front are not go nowhere. If the person in the back is not steering (correctly) you go into the "open sea" as we called it or get suck under the brush.....our canoe was called the "Bush Canoe". ☺ *Ahem* We had discussions....telling each other what we should do to make it work. Everyone in our boat either has never been canoeing or only a few time....and not on a river. Currents, hard wind and rain did not make this trip any easier.

Don't think we'll be canoeing anytime soon.... I think next we should tackle Tandem riding! What do you think?

PS: All pictures (except the last) were taken by a photographer friend of ours. As we were rowing he rode along the river taking pictures. Thank you H. !

September 03, 2013

Flower Trees [nature photography]

I enjoy taking pictures of yarrow. They stand so tall....are simple and beautiful. Add sunlight and you can make anything look awesome...what do you think?
encouraging quotes

I want to encourage you to take 1 thing and take pictures of it at different angles.
If you blog about it....send me a link!