February 27, 2014

Books of the Bible Bulletin Board

I have to do 2 bulletin boards for my student teaching. The teacher and I were brain storming some ideas and I decided to work on this one first.

It was a lot harder than I anticipated. The idea is pretty simple but I did everything from scratch and so it took a lot of planning, designing, printing, cutting....did I mention cutting....oh and cutting.....then I had to make the shelf and stick all those books on there.

I love how it turned out. Today we talked about it in class and the teacher used it a few times in Bible class.

February 21, 2014

Free Illustrated Characters

If you like the modern look you will like these Free Illustrated Characters by the Fried Pickle. It is a design studio and mainly does custom designs....but you can also find a few freebies like these ladies.

Check out the different themes, hair & skin colors she has....one of them match you?

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February 20, 2014

The Start of Student Teaching

Student Teaching.

It started on Monday.

I am tired.

I am having fun.

I can't believe I am finally "there". I am a senior. All my classes are pretty much done. I started my 9 weeks of student teaching and then....GRADUATION.
I am doing my student teaching in the German Christian School I was at from 3rd grade till graduation.  I was placed in the 2nd grade for my student teaching...the biggest class with 17 kids. Perfect timing too since the supervisory teacher is sick this week.

Normally I am suppose to "just" sit in the classroom my first week but I already taught 2 math classes and one English class.....I am teaching another math and English class tomorrow.

Next week I am officially starting with teaching music....my "first" subject. For this I actually have to make a lesson plan and be all formal about it...work work work.....writing those lesson plans.

Actually...I need to work on that now.....

February 14, 2014

Valentine Card // Lost Without You

I'm Lost Without You

That is how I feel about Patrick....a reason I am not anticipating him leaving to the US in the next few weeks. I will be sitting alone at church & at church functions. I won't be able to have a 10 minute chat over the phone and say goodnight before I fall asleep.....

I'll be Lost without You

There is someone else I'd be lost without.... Jesus Christ. If I had not accepted his free gift of salvation....his death and resurection....I would be on my way to hell.

I'd be Lost without you.

Head over to Feminine Modesty to see my Valentine outfit....date night tonight. ☺

Happy Valentine's day!!

February 11, 2014

Tutorial // Sew A Heart Card

Valentines Day is coming soon! And today I created these little cards. They were quick & simple to do....but they don't look ordinary.

Here is how I made them:

Cut out the hearts....if you have a heart puncher you are better of than me.
Take 3  hearts and sew them on top of each other & cute the ends of thred off
Give your cards some flair...... I cut out the pattern paper from a shopping bag!
But the simple heart stays my favorite.

Do you have any Valentine's cards? How do they look like?

February 10, 2014

How to Design a Blog Header in PicMonkey

Go to PickMonkey and click "Custom". Choose the sizes you need.
Add "Your Own" pictures.
Add your words...make it unique.
The skinner the header...the better. So CROP away.
Don't forgot.... save  it as a PNG

You got yourself a newly designed header! 

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February 07, 2014

Pairing Fonts

I like these fonts the Graphics Fairy put together. Since I am showing how to design your blog headers in the different free programs. The different combinations give a different feel to your blog. Which combination matches your blog best? My favorite is #5

Get the links & her other ideas {here}.

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February 05, 2014

11 Valentine Ideas

This little collection was put together by Stylizimo Blog.  My favorite is that pillow with that simple heart and "Gorgeous".

What is your favorite idea?

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February 04, 2014

Free Valentine Printables // For Your Lover

I am really enjoying doodling....and don't you just love cheesy lines like this?

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February 03, 2014

How to design a Blog Header in PowerPoint

Creating a header that matches your blog & what it is about is VERY important. It makes your blog standout from the millions out there.

So over the next few weeks I'll be showing how you can design your header in 3 different free programs.

Write in your CUSTOMIZED header SIZE. The bigger, the better quality & DO NOT make your header to high....you want people to see your header, tabs & blog post title when visiting your blog.

Add PICTURES and resize them in any way you need too.

Add YOUR BLOG NAME in any layout you want.

Use readable but DIFFERENT FONTS for personal style.

Save it as a .PNG!! If you use a white background and

If you have any questions leave a comment or email me at TheBlueBirdhouse (at) ymail . com

Have fun designing!!

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