May 31, 2013

May Photo Challenge Part II

{Day 16} Edible
{Day 17} White
{Day 18} A portion
{Day 19} In the garden
{Day 20} A Fiesta....yeah pizza. ☺
{Day 21} Metal
{Day 22} In nature
{Day 23} Growing
{Day 24} Wood
{Day 25} Looking up
{Day 26} Blue
{Day 27} Horizon
{Day 28} Wet
{Day 29} A smile
{Day 30} A memory (Paxton in Switzerland)
{Day 31} Out loud

This Challenge was a lot of fun! Some of the things really challenged me to be creative and take a new perspective!! I won't be so strickt with myself next month but I looked at the June challenge and will do some. ☺

Which one is your favorite picture? On some what would you have taken a picture of?

May 30, 2013

♪♫ How Do You Solve a Problem like....Cassara ♪♫

Today I "re-found" this video.... My freshman year I was "live" at my college and made many wonderful friends! One friend at college had a heart of gold but was full of craziness...☺ She was especially close to my roommate and we wanted to do something special. Who knows how this thought was started but as we laughed about the idea we knew we had to make this joke reality! 
♪ "How do solve a problem like Cassara..."♫ 

So my roommate wrote the text, I looked for some karaoke music online and  tweaked the text. We had planned on singing it together with all the other students but many "couldn't do it". My roommate and I had put so much work in it and we really wanted to sing it.....So on the last day of school for the year, after we cleaned, packed and were dead tired......we decided to record it and give it to her as a video.
Out we pulled skirts & dark slips for our nun look

 Precede with Caution

Have you ever done something crazy for a friend? What did you do?

May 28, 2013

Bright Pink & Bright Sun

Today the sun FINALLY came out again. Just yesterday it was freezing and today it feels like SUMMER! And this is what I wore.....

What do you think about me starting a separate modest fashion blog?

May 27, 2013

3 Places a Christian Should Feel at Home

Yesterday's sermon was about the 3 places a Christian should feel at home. A House is not a Home. Four walls with a roof and furniture does not make it a place you call takes more. You need to make a house yours in order for it to be a home. A home is a place that you feel comfortable.... the place in which our affections are centered. 
So what are the three places a Christian should feel at home at?

#1- Our Earthly Home
We all should strive to have a God-centered home. We should have clear guidelines in order to live peaceably together. Even though "familiarity breeds contempt" we should strive to be disciplined and show love and respect to each other. We are different from the world and should have higher goals and always strive to reach a higher standard.

#2- Our Spiritual Home
Our spiritual home is our church family. A good church should will feed you spiritually and challenge you to become a better Christian. Since there is such a large variety of people with different backgrounds in church, we learn to deal and get along with lots different people. A good church should get you ready for the week ahead in the world.
Like a piece of coal will cool off quickly away from the fire so a christian will cool off quickly if he's away from his church family.

#3- Our Heavenly Home
This is our home in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the most important Home....for without it we would not have a church family or a christian earthly home. The things we do now will affect our heavenly home.....what are you doing to prepare and "furnish" your heavenly home?

What did you learn about yesterday?
Which rain picture is your favorite? Pin it!

May 23, 2013

A Sunny POP!

Here it has been a bit overcast....but not when you see me! Here is a bright and cheery outfit- yellow with navy blue! Everything is new (to me) and was so much fun to wear. 
Who else loves my navy blue polka-dot scarf?

And how do you like my cute little blue flats.....aren't those bows just sooooo cute! ☺

After this outfit I believe we should always wear bright and cheery even if it is dull outside I can feel happy! What do you think?

PS: These pictures were taken before I dyed my hair.

May 22, 2013

Hair: Before & After

So Paxton and I had some changes to our hair style this past week.....

I've been wanting to go a bit lighter for awhile now. I had bought this spray that slowly lightens your hair but it wasn't giving me an even look. So last Friday I dyed my hair for the first time!

Friday my mom and I headed to the store and probably stood there for 45 minutes trying to find the right color.....I didn't want a drastic blond....just a bit lighter and more of a Honey blond look.  We finally found the one.

After dinner my mom put in the mousse....and it started getting brown.....I was afraid I'd have white hair now....and my mom was joking about it being a wrong pack and my hair turning black.....Well, after we washed it out my hair still looked very brown. I wrapped my hair in a towel and slept on it....

I woke up early Saturday morning so excited to see the end product.....I LOVED IT. Exactly what I wanted.....the Honey blond look. ☺

Oh, and Paxton got his summer hair cut. No more a big furry friend but a "cooler" fun pet! Funny how the weather is cold again.....

Did you ever dye your hair? How was your experience?

May 20, 2013

Nets You Might Get Caught In


Proverbs 12:12 The wicked desireth the net of evil men:
Yesterday we talked about the nets....I know....I mean, what are nets.....they are to catch something right? And normally, whatever is caught won't be happy much longer. So what are some things we can get caught in?
1) Advertisements- The reason we see them everywhere is because they work! Just hearing the sound of the pop and hissing sound when opening a can....don't you suddenly feel like a nice cold coke?

2) Internet- Today it is way to easy to get caught in this world wide web....way to easy we can get a hold of wrong information and land on bad websites.

3) TV- or networks. The TV in itself is not bad.....but the more you sit in front of it you are letting yourself be who? What are you letting come into your home and heart?

4) Politics- I think us young ladies won't be caught up into this too quickly but there is so much exploiting and lying involved.

5) Conspiracy theories- Though I've never really gotten into them they are SUPER interesting. One thing is sure....the way they say things happened on TV are never 100% true. What REALLY happened with the Twin probably was an inside job....but we will never really know and it will not change anything. 

7) Pyramid Schemes- Companies like Amway, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Thirty-One, Herbal Life.....I am NOT against them. I have many lady friends involved in some of these....and would even do some of them....but they should be treated with caution. They ARE a lot of work and if you are not careful you'll be looking at people around you with $$ signs and be willing to speak to complete strangers about Tupperware....but not Jesus Christ. 

What did you learn about in church yesterday?