August 17, 2015

DIY: Dresser Makeover

Today I am finally sharing my big makeover I actually did a long time ago. I need to get better at making and posting. So lets get started:

Love this vintage bird dresser. She shows exactly how she painted it....step by step instruction. DIY

August 04, 2015

6 Entryway Tables

Love this entry table set up...and there are more lovely ideas on her blog!
PB & J Stories
 So I am doing a lot of rearranging at my house. Organizing and rearranging my bedroom (which I can't wait to reveal) meant finding "homes" for various furniture pieces. One of my antique childrens table & chair set will be be in the stairway...and I want it to be nicely decorated and welcoming. So where did I go for inspiration? Yep, Pinterest! Here are a few pictures I enjoyed.

July 31, 2015

My 10 Favorite Ikea Kallax Shelf Ideas

So I bought some Kallax (previously called Expedia) shelves in Ikea this week. I totally love how it changed the feel of my bedroom! So organized and put together.

In order to see some organizing/decorating ideas for the Kallax shelf I looked around on pinterest only to be amazed by all the DIFFERENT things you can do with these shelves! So here are my 10 favorites. Most links bring you to other posts with kallax hack ideas!

July 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List

So during the last days of school we worked on this project in school. The plan was to draw ourselves with big sunglasses. In each of the glasses we were suppose to draw a picture of something we are planningon doing this summer.

So what do I have on my summer bucket list....well it probably is more of a "To-Do List":

July 22, 2015


My new clock I got for my b-day

In school we are leaning 6+ songs for our school graduation. So we are listening (and singing with) recordings of the songs. Two of them I enjoy: "My Sins are Gone" and Give of "Your best to the Master"

We rewatched the Lois &Clark: Adventures of Supermann Series. They have a great story line & good morals! Then we watched two Hallmark series: Sealed Signed Delivered and When Calls the Heart

The sun setting.

July 20, 2015

10 Examples of Bird Home Decor

So last Monday we came home and one of our birds were gone. It was very sad. We've been doing some "shopping" and today we are going to a Breeder and look at some Parakeets. Hopfully we are coming home with two new birdy-kids.

So in honor of new  birds today's Home Decor Theme is Birds!

July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

 So here are some of my favorites I came across....


I really really love this bathroom!
Our Vintage Home Love
Get Carried Away

My dream one day...for me it would tea island though.
The Vintage Wren

This looks so nice and rustic....great for a small space.
Residence Style
12th and White

One my kitchen.

So what is your favorite from these pictures?

July 06, 2015

6 Essential Steps to Aparment Decorating

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!

I fell in love with designing as a teen. I love creating anything! My cutting and glueing (which I still like to do) turned  into painting and rearranging furniture. With each move my room got smaller, so I learned to have an eye for size and fits even without having to move anything. Most of the time I can look at something and tell you if it fits or not....and that brings me to my first point.

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!
1. Know Your Space

Measure and Stare at your space as you need to. Do you have something in mind. Try to picture it. Do you think it looks good? Measure to make sure your right before moving furniture. (Unless you are excited then just do it and figure out the hard way if your eyes were correct.)

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!

2. Get Inspired

My favorite place now to get inspired is no secrect. With my 11.5K pins on pinterest I hang out there every day. Before pinterest I was inspired by magazines and Home Decoration books I got from the library. Other people's homes you admire is a great place to be inspired. Other people's homes you admire is a great place to be inspired. Also, has a wide variety of art work and decorative pieces available for bidding or for inspiration. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!
Heart Home

3. Create a theme

Things will come together so much better if you have a theme. Do you want a modern look, a earthy feel or a beach house? What colors go well together? Which colors compliment those themes? Often you will go with something that already resonates with you. So look what you already have an bring it together. Start keeping your eye open for sales that showcase your theme.

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!
Buzz Feed

4. Create a mood

How do you want people to feel in that room. Cozy, relaxed, fresh, alive, inspired. Textures, colors & layout can create different moods.

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!
Creating Happy

5. Work with colors

Like I said above colors dictate moods! Use colors that create the mood you want to set and let it work well with your theme. Colors can really make a theme come out. Bright orange will not do well a earthy feel, neither will hot pink make you feel like you are at the beach....but it sure is a happy and inspiring color!

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!
Living Dreams

6. Multi Use

That might be a made up word but what I mean is that with a small space you need to make the most with what you have. Pretty storage is a great way to have a place for your stuff but also is decorative. Baskets and pretty designed boxes are your best friend. 

I hope these 6 points were helpful. Before you go and decorate your you plan before decorating or do you jump right in?

Apartment decorating. Love her 6 tips to make your apartment or any room look good!

July 05, 2015

The Jamberry Winner Is...


You are our Jamberry Giveaway winner. Congratualtions!

To all of those that didn't win but were really looking forward to some Jamberries.... If you order a sheet you'll get another one for free. Isn't that awesome!

So quickly head over to the site and place your order. This awesome deal is valid till July 11th.

Thank you everyone for joining my birthday celebration!

July 03, 2015

Friday Favorites// Independence Day

 Independence Day kinda sneaked up on me.... I wish I had thought about sewing some patriotic pillows and decorating my mantle accordingly. The least I can do is be inspired by other people's creative ideas! Here are some of my favorite I cam across that seamed simple to do!

Middle: Chalk Board & Bottle
Right: Kids Craft, Painted Pillow, Fruit

Sodear reader: How do you celebrate Independence Day? If you are not from the U.S. does your country hae/do something similar?

June 22, 2015

MM || Adding Pops of Color

How to give your room a pop of color
Want an explanation to each room?
I love how they show the the same exact corner with different color combonations and styles....and how much it changes the feel of the space! It just shows me...don't be afraid to use color! 

Check out  Decorating Your Small Space to see LOTS of more cool ideas.....especially apartments & small spaces.

Which ones is your favorite? Which one do you think is mine?

June 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Giveaway

This week is my birthday week and I thought I would not only celebrate it with my family and friends but with my favorite blog people. I write about so many things on here and then I also have my fashion blog but there is one thing in common: Most of my readers are ladies! ☺ And what do all ladies Don't we all strive to look and feel beautiful.

So I am giving away one sheet of Jamberries! To be honest I have never had Jamberries myself but I totally love them. ☺ Two reasons I have not gotten them: One, living in Germany makes it a little more complicated and two, I am not allowed to wear any nail "polish" in school. Maybe I should get some for my summer break in a few weeks!

Here are a few of my choices!

Icy Polka // Soiree //Vintage Chic
Nautical //Red & White Polka// Navy Stripe (glossy)
Punchy Puff // Whisper // Teal & white Polka

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Which ones do you like? Leave a comment!

June 15, 2015

MM || 5 Blue & White Livingrooms

I love blue and and white anything! Blue and white is so freshing and calming. With blue and white you can just about add any pop of, yellow and green are some of the most popular colors. Coral, gold, turqoise and hot pink are trending, too.

Here are 5 basic but beautiful livingrooms:

Blue white living room
House Beautiful
With this pretty LR you can add just about any color but I think green pops would look so beautiful!

June 13, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

I do not endorse story behind the award.

Thank you Jill from Elegant Homestead for nominating me! You are a faithful commenter here on The Blue Birdhouse and I really appreciate it!

Now to the questions

1. What was your favorite toy to play with growing up?
This is a hard one....which age? Stuffed animals is probably my #1 thing.

2. If you could try any sport you’ve never played, what would it be?
I hate none really. Maybe...and really maybe tennis.

3. In what kind of setting is your dream house located? that it is not most logical: Up on a hill lots of land around me with hills and trees.

4. What is the last color nail polish that you painted your toes?
White with ombre turqoise glitter.

5. If you could change one thing about your blog that is beyond your control, what would it be?
Move to Wordpress!

June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bedroom

Favorite Cozy Nook

Favorite Entry

Favorite Kids room

Favorite Kitchen
Link....German blog! So cool!

Favorite Office Space

Favorite Living room
link to weird russian scam

Favorite Picture Keepsake

What is your favorite of these?

June 11, 2015

Date Theme || Italy

So we are trying this idea from Dating Divas. The idea is for you to have a date night once a month and theme is eating food from a different country each time. We've not been very faithful but I thought I'd share our Italy theme.

It was a last minute decision....on the last day of the month I had a long weekend and I said "let's do it" and so we did Italy. I made some Italian rolls (which turned out amazing) with Salad as our entree. The main meal was Creamy Lemon Shrimp was delicious! For dessert we had "gelato" was simple vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup.

While we ate we listened to Italian Music and afterward we watched "The Italian Job"....we had never heard of or seen this movie before. We enjoyed it.

The date night was great and relaxing and our Italian dinner was incredible even if I cooked it. lol

Do you like Italian food?