Welcome! I am Iris. I am in my late-twenties and a wife to a wonderful man. We were in a long distant relationship for most of our courtship. I am a mommy to 5 birdies (yep, I'm crazy about birds). I ♥ Birdhouses! My favorite colors are blue & red which you'll see again and again. 

 I love being creative. I sew home decor & refashion  clothes. Be it paper, material or wood....I can use it to make something for my home. Yeah, being creative means that I tend to be a pack rat......but that's when my love for organization comes in. 

Being on a christian school teacher budget means I don't have to much extra for "frivolous" spending. So I am always looking for a bargain and free things!  And because I don't spend I have gotten SOOO many things free. God is good.

I am not a food blogger but I love trying new recipes. If I find an awesome recipe I will be sharing it with ya'll.

And living in Germany puts us right in the middle of Europe with it's many famous sites. Our love for traveling & my love for photography is visible for sure.

Won't you make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.

Tea or Coffee for you?