October 31, 2013

Fall in the City // Old Camera

The last pictures I wanted to share with you from my old camera. Don't you just love the leaf colors?

October 29, 2013

Design a Blog Button with a Picture

Today I want to show you a quick and simple way to design a blog button with one of your pictures. First off you need to go to PicMonkey.com a free & awesome photo editing site.

1) Upload your picture & make it light and beautiful.
2) Cut your picture to the site you want....square it a great choice or a slim rectangle.
3) Add a frame to give you picture more pop and definition
4) You can write directly on the picture but adding a a strip makes the letters easier to read when the button is very small.
5) Write your blog or link up's name
6) Upload it to your host....I use photobucket.com

If you have any questions leave me a comment and I'll answer!

October 25, 2013

My New Camera

Can you tell? I am super excited. I was happy with my old camera...really I was. But then she started acting up a bit....poor thing....it's been with me through thick and thin and has been dropped so many times.....it really wasn't it's fault. 

I love photography....mainly nature photography right now and was getting better and better at. I knew I wanted to upgrade eventually...in a few years maybe...when I had more money....but then I had a Christmas proposal......I need to pick out what I want/ can use and have it for CHristmas
My photography friend helped me find what I wanted.....I knew what my camera should be able to do but I was a bit overwelmed by the options out there.....then he propose The Lumix Panasonic FZ62. After a few reviews I knew this was it! 
My friend found me a good deal too.

After some time I was finally able to order it and I was smiling SOOOOOOOOOO big when it came in the mail!!

Every day I am learning something new....here are a few I took since Wednesday. :)

I can do panorama pictures:

Working on my macro....but this turned out nicely!

So much sharper!!

And my 24x zoom!!! This bird was pretty far away...my eye didn't even see him this good!

I will be posting another patch of nature photography pictures next week I did with my old camera but then....everything with my Lumix!

October 23, 2013

Where Every Leaf...

 Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.
-Albert Camus

Something exciting came in the mail today....can't wait to show you!!!

October 22, 2013

Refashion: Making a Too Big Sweater Fit

Take a sweater that fits and cut off what's too big....don't forget to add extra for the seam.

I really like this soft pink sweater now....especially the ruffled sleeves. ☺

October 19, 2013

Bringing Colors // Nature Photography

Can't believe Fall is here! I love walking Paxton now and seeing all those beautiful leaves turning bunch of colors. Today I tried my first Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks....mhmmmmhmmm.... It was good!