May 30, 2014

Beach Trips // Bucketlist

Scratched some things off my Bucket List today.....visit the link to see what I've accomplished so far. 

And here are some of my chosen pictures from our trip to the two beaches.

Atlantic // Coco Beach
Sadly my battery died right as we got to the Atlantic .... very sad....but here are a few.

That day it was very windy but surprisingly the water was warm! So when the waves came crashing on you it felt good then the cold wind blew on your wet body and brrrrr was it cold. It was only a short stay but it was an amazing experience. The ocean is just so mighty. 

Gulf // Clear Water Beach

My battery was ready this time....

Yes, I like did you tell? 

I got some beautiful pictures from Clearwater....mainly because a beach is just gorgeous. Here the water was surprisingly not as warm but thankfully it wasn't very windy either. The day at the beach was perfect.....of course....I got engaged that day! ☺

Tell me, where have you been to the beach? What's your favorite part of the beach?

May 27, 2014

Graduation // Elementary Education

Getting Engaged is much more exciting, I know, but I have been working on this degree the last 4 years and was always looking forward to the day I'd be back in FL to walk down the isle aisle with my cap & gown. 

On May 18th, 2014 I graduated with Cum Laude 
and received a 
Bachelor of Science in Christian Elementary Education

My freshman year I was an on campus student and was blessed to meet many young people striving to serve the Lord and follow his will in their lives. Many have inspired me to stay strong in the faith and encouraged me by letting me know I was not the only one in my age trying to do right.

For various reasons I then decided to finish up my studies, with the same college, through their directed studies program.  It was a blessing to be active in my own church and do my schooling at my own pace but there were days when it felt lonely and it took a lot of effort to sit down on my own and work on school.

But here I am 4 years later. I still have not figured out what the best way is to study with the directed studies program but I time....with cum laude. 

I couldn't say a speech on my graduation day but I can here on the blog. 
I could have not done my schooling alone! First of all the Lord helped me and blessed me in many ways so that I could concetrate on doing school. He gave me enough discipline to do school on my own and finish up in time.
Secondly there was Patrick. Patrick encouraged me and helped me study so many tests. His funny jokes he did helped me remember many of my long lists I had to memorize and if I studied with him I'd normally get an 100 or 99%! He also helped me with lots papers & just plain encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed.
Then there is my mom. She did various chores for me so I could concentrate on studying. I really had it good folks! And in my last 2 semesters when I was cramming to get everything done in time to graduate this year she sat there with me till late at night studying for tests and verse quizzes with me.
Lastly there is my dad & step-mom who financed my college. Without their help I would have not been able to only work on college education but would had to try to finance my tuition.

Are any of you graduating from highschool/ college?

May 22, 2014

Surprise // Officially Engaged

Yes! We are finally engaged. Four years later.
We felt engaged for a very long time. I mean, to be engaged means that those two people want to be married..... and we knew for sure we wanted to be married. Circumstances just did not let us become officially engaged.
At the end of March & early April doors started opening and we knew it would be happening this year..... sometime before I start teaching in September. Of course Patrick wanted to ask me & put a ring on my finger in person so we had to wait till I got to the US. But we already started some planning....the main thing settling on a date so that our US family could start planning & looking at tickets.
In the beginning of May we were already telling close friends and family we were getting married on August 16th.....but we weren't officially engaged yet. Different, I know, but our story.  This also made it hard for Patrick to surprise me though.....I knew it was coming.
I was graduating on May 18th and Patrick, his mom and sister were coming down to celebrate with me. Patrick already had plans on asking me in Florida but he made me believe he was going to ask me in Tennessee so I was NOT expecting anything during our trip in Florida.
Saturday, May 17th every one went to the beach in Clearwater, FL. We got a late start like we had been the days before but finally we were on our way to the beach. We had lunch at Skylines to eat Cincinnati Chili. My dad loves it and I think it's yucky.....if you don't know what Cincinnati Chili is let me tell you. It's Chili with Cinnamon & Chocolate....yeah....yuck. Anyway. Back to the story:
Finally we made it to the beach. It was more busy than the Atlantic was the day before but the beautiful sand and clear water made it worth it. Some got in the water, others sat at the beach and watched our stuff. I decided to walk up and down the beach with Patrick's sister a few times.....we found quite a few neat things!
When we came back to the others we were told they would be having fire works at 8:30 pm and I really wanted to stay and see them. The sun was already starting to set so I made myself comfortable in the sand and most of us just hung out, took pictures and waited. Patrick's mom then told me that she wanted to get some nice pictures of Patrick and I right as the sun hit's the water line......"ok, no problem".
Finally it was time. So Patrick and I made our way to the water and stood there. Well, not only was there Patrick's mom but my dad was standing there with his phone and my step-mom with my camera. Patrick's sister was taking pictures of the sunset but she stood near them and I was thinking  "What in the world?! Paparazzi!" but not once did it enter my mind that "it" could be happening.
At one point Patrick suddenly went down on one knee and at first I didn't know what to think and it finally hit me "It's happening!! Right now!"
"Will you marry me?"
He put the ring on my finger.
I gave him a hug. I cried.....everyone gave me/ us a hug and congratulated us. I was shaking so bad & still couldn't believe it really happened.
Afterwards we all started talking about how the planning was and if I knew, etc and then we saw the fireworks go off!
What a beautiful ending to a special day.

May 10, 2014

The Trip There & Our First Day

Waiting for the streetcar....the beginning of our journey.
Waiting for the train....
Train Tracks in Mannheim, Germany
My uncle, Oma & me
ICE (fast train) almost here!
Waiting at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany
On a Lufthansa flight with Oma
At Landmark Baptist College again!! :D
Enjoying Pink Lemonade!!!

We did something a little different on this trip....we took the train to the to the airport. I found some cheap tickets online that were actually cheaper than paying for gas! WE planned everything with lots of buffer know, just in case. But everything went really smooth and all connections were on time.

The flight was good. It was a direct flight from Frankfurt to Orlando.....but still not too long. Only 9 hours of flying. The worst part about the airport was the security and customs in Orlando.....they want to know alot and it took FOREVER for my Oma and Uncle to go through customs. Then they weren't happy that "they" (it was me) didn't write the house number....oops. I didn't remember the house number though.

Finally through the whole ordeal we were OUT! Then came the adventure of finding a phone to tell me friend we were here.....I ended up asking the information desk if I can call her which they let me do. So outside we walked and got hit my humid FL air. WE waited awhile....but she was suppose to be outside already? "Excusme is there another place someone could be waiting"
"Well, there is a Gate A"
"I told her we were at Gate B and she said she was here"
"There is one downstairs"
Yep, there she was waiting and waiting for us.

Finally we got home. The lady that takes care of the Church's Guest house was super sweet and had the radio on Gospel 90.3 and baked us a cinnamon bread. After eating a little something and a warm shower we crawled into bed.

The next day we took things slowly though we were all up by 6 am and had been rolling around not being able to sleep for about 2 hours.....jetlag from Germany wants you to go to bed early and get up early....why can't I feel this way in Germany lol.

At 2 o'clock I did a presentation of Germany in my friends 6th grade class. Sadly I couldn't show my power point presentation but I think it still was pretty interesting.....well, I had a good time! ☺

After I got home I asked if my Oma and Uncle wanted to walk to my college and I show them around there. It was great to see all the familiar places and see some of my friends again. Most of the ones I hung out with or talked to regulary are not here anymore. Many either already graduated because they 1 or 2 years ahead of me or they are married and living somewhere else now.

Taking one day at a time now until my dad gets here on Monday...

May 08, 2014

Summer Bucketlist 2014

Today I am flying.....
I am starting an eventful but fun summer.
The last couple of weeks I had lots of studying and stress but now the fun is starting.
Graduation & Summer break here I come!!!

  • Fly to the US 
  • Go to Florida
  • Review/ Learn the multiplication table from 1-12 again
  • Write my rough draft of my book on... (email me to find out what I am writing about)
  • Graduate from college!!(May 18th)
  • Go to the Beach (the Gulf)
  • Go to the Beach (Atlantic)
  • Go to TN
  • Go traditional English barn dancing
  • Read 2 English books
  • Read 1 German books
  • Craft Cards
  • Digital Card Designing
  • Sew a camera bag
  • Go thrift shopping!!!!
  • Regular outfits on Feminine Modesty
  • Journal my eventful summer!
  • Go "teacher-shopping"
  • Try making some of the foods I've pinning on pinterest
  • Pray more:
    • Pray for my man
    • Pray for my/our future
  • Sew!!
  • Go to Maryland
  • Get engaged
  • Get married
  • Move to our new home
  • Go on our Honeymoon to France

 It's a pretty long list but I have a long & busy summer ahead of me! We'll see what all I get done! ☺Over the course of the summer I will sharing my adventures with you and scratching one thing after the other from my bucket list! I just might add a thing or two.

Do you have a summer bucket list? Tell me about it!

May 07, 2014

Free May Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop background with a calendar
Floral Desktop background with a calendar
Desktop background with a calendar

Boy am I late posting the desktop backgrounds this month! I only noticed it because I still had my April background on my laptop!! Times have been busy around here as you know.

Anyway, here they are. 

Which one is your favorite? I like the second one better.