October 18, 2018

Trip to Israel - Day 6

The Dead Sea - What an experience!

October 17, 2018

October 16, 2018

Trip to Israel - Day 4

 This was my favorite day...Ceaserea! Look at those pictures unedited pictures...those colors are REAL!

October 15, 2018

Trip to Israel - Day 3

Visiting God's favorite City - Jerusalem

October 13, 2018

May 26, 2018

Before and After - Painted Kitchen Reveal

My dream for as long as I can remember was to have a white kitchen. Our first apartment had a greenish/teal kitchen, which just did not go with my style but had to do. I took comfort in knowing it was not forever.

Here in Germany most bigger rental apartments do not have a kitchen included and you have to buy your own, which you'd take with you if you ever moved.
So when we moved into this place May of last year we desperately needed a kitchen. First we were planning on buying one...a big expense...but the Lord let us get one FOR FREE from strangers that needed to get rid of theirs before their new kitchen came in.

When we looked at it Patrick and I both knew THIS IS THE ONE...it's free...the appliances are all under 2 years....and the style is farmhouse.

There was only one problem...it was not white. Ha! That is what paint is for!

April 19, 2018

A Trip To Venice

It's so nice to finally be able to travel. We live in the heart of Europe and really haven't been to THAT many places. But Patrick and I are definitely trying to change that, as much as we can.

This past month we were in Venice, Italy for 4 full days and it was a lot of fun to see a different culture and hear another language. Even learned a few little words while we were there....what was funny to Patrick and I was that we came across some "musical terms", most of them being in Italien. So we could guess what some things meant just because of our musical background.

Let me stop here and just let you enjoy the beautiful view. These are just a few of my favorites from the time we were there. Of course I made like over 2000 pictures during that time. ☺

March 23, 2018

Guest Bedrooms

The next big thing on our apartment TO DO LIST was to get our guest-bedrooms ready for our family visiting! One of our reasons to have a bigger place is able to comfortably entertain and be able to host guests for a week or two. 

February 16, 2018

February 2018 - Home Tour

 For this month I thought I'd do a simple little tour of the rooms that are presentable...the rooms you would get to see if you'd come over my house.
The other rooms are still going through the sorting through boxes stage and are far from presentable... but in the next few weeks  3 other rooms should be looking presentable as I have family coming to visit next month! 
What?? Only 4 more weeks to get them done?? Oh no. :D
On top of working full time and getting those rooms organized my mom and grandma are in the process of downsizing and moving...so we shall see how much I get done.

January 02, 2018

Goals for 2018 // Video

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's already 2018! With a new year also comes all the new goals and new years resolutions!

Do you have new years resolutions?