April 28, 2015

3 Ways to Never Becoming Successfull

Funny way she put it.....actually a wake up call with ideas on how to become successful today!

1. Research but....never do anything with it. Listen to videos about your future business. Spend hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Read success stories

April 24, 2015


Patrick and I were listening to Final Fight. We totally fell in love when we first started listening. We (especially Patrick) knew almost everyone singing and preaching. One group I went to college with and Patrick's home church sings on here too. Two missionaries sent from his church read Scripture. It's just cool! But with a small radio station came....

April 01, 2015

Under Sink Organization

So my #1 goal for during my break is ORGANIZING! And here is the first project I accomplished. Under the sink was a crazy mess. I didn't know I had extra gloves and thought I was out of big trash bags.....cleaning up saves money. ☺