August 17, 2015

DIY: Dresser Makeover

Today I am finally sharing my big makeover I actually did a long time ago. I need to get better at making and posting. So lets get started:

Love this vintage bird dresser. She shows exactly how she painted it....step by step instruction. DIY

August 04, 2015

6 Entryway Tables

Love this entry table set up...and there are more lovely ideas on her blog!
PB & J Stories
 So I am doing a lot of rearranging at my house. Organizing and rearranging my bedroom (which I can't wait to reveal) meant finding "homes" for various furniture pieces. One of my antique childrens table & chair set will be be in the stairway...and I want it to be nicely decorated and welcoming. So where did I go for inspiration? Yep, Pinterest! Here are a few pictures I enjoyed.