April 26, 2014

Little Blessings // Photography

It's these little things that make me happy.....put a smile on my face. Don't understand me wrong...big blessings make me estatic but I always get a bit of a spring in my step when I get to see or even get a picture of a butterfly or when I see lots of blowballs together.

Paxton cannot stand getting his picture taken but isn't he so photogenic. I especially love that last picture of him....all happy and cheerful.

My two weeks of Easter break is over. It was an eventful two weeks. Between finishing my last class, getting to actually talk to Patrick every day, sleep a little longer and sew some things I end these two weeks feeling accomplished.

Also got some exciting news during this time which made me very cheerful....I will be sharing it in the near future.

These next two weeks before traveling to the US and graduating are definitly going to keep me busy....but a fun kind of busy.

Anything special planned lately?

April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Sunday


It's me!

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and your family!

Here things continue to keep me busy: student teaching, finishing up my last college class, anticipating graduation & preparing for 2.5 month trip to the US. Also, something exciting is happening "behind the scenes" here....can't wait to reveal it but it'll have to wait. *wink*

Went to a boys home today and brought some Easter gifts, sang some songs & gave our testimonys . I hope it carries fruit and that some of them will get saved down the road. Now we are grilling with friends.... I love the smell of the grill and the fellowship.....well, have to run now.

Tell me: how did you celebrate Easter?

April 19, 2014

Yellow // Nature Photography

Because of the early warm weather we are having all the flowers come out early.
Do flowers brighten your day like they do mine?
When I walk my dog those little flowers just make me smile. ☺
Somtimes I'll pick for myself and have people look at me funny as I walk back holding flowers.
But who can resisit?

April 04, 2014


Refashioned 2 tops & 2 skirts that were to big to fit me.
An Indian headband for class.

Blog posts here and there.

Hogan's Heroes reruns! ☺ Love that show

The end of student teaching & the beginning of summer break!!
Seeing Patrick again!

☼Praying for:
Wisdom & Strength
For Missioaries to have one or two men/families that are pillars in the ministry.
For Christians struggling & trying to serve the Lord.

My basic times tables again.......what is 8 x 7 again??
Homework still isn't fun.....even as a teacher.

☼Making me happy:
When the kids say at the end of the day "What? School is done already? It feels like we just started!"

Here is a catch up of my pictures of the week:

Week 11- dropping Patrick off at the airport
Week 12- enjoying the first warmer weather and spring flowers
Week 13- backed up our car into another car.
Week 13-  Cherry Blossoms and Spring Sunshine (Trip to the Woods during Student Teaching)
Week 14- Our Church MOVED!!!

 Hello Friends,

My student teaching is going really well. I just finished week 7 today. I cannot believe I only have two more weeks of teaching! I am finally getting into the routine and then I have to leave. In one week we will have 2 weeks of Easter break....not for me though. During those 2 weeks of break I have to finish my last college class: Adolescence Behavior. Pfew! Busy busy...

I am so looking forward to traveling to FL in May and then seeing Patrick again. I have so many things planned this summer. I am excited to see what all I get to do.

What has been keeping you busy?


April 01, 2014

Free April Desktop Backgrounds

New Desktop Backgrounds for April.....just in time. 

April, dear April, I beg you come soon –
And bring your sweet primroses too.
Let them join in with the daffodils’ play,
As skies offer sunshine anew.

April, dear April, my blessed spring child,
Ornate in your yellow and white,
Teasing the birds into trilling their songs
And dancing to music of flight.

April, dear April, come enter my dreams
And rid me from cold winter chills.
Banish the rain and those blustery winds
And warm up our countryside hills.

April, dear April, I know you can’t stay -
You have to move on ‘till next year.
And though I shall cherish the glory of summer,
You’ll always be my month most dear.

Any flowers starting to bloom where you are?