August 30, 2012

The two new WINNERS

I have not heard from either of my bad but that is good for have a chance to win!!! Today I had my mom pull two new winners and they are *drum roll*........

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Dessi won the Robin pendant

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MissReneer won the Dove pendant

Please contact me under TheBlueBirdhouse (at) Ymail (dot) com and give me your mailing address.

*If I don't hear from the winners by Friday, September 7th the giveaway will close.


August 27, 2012

♪♫ Where the Gates Swing Outward Never

Just a few more days to be filled with praise,
And to tell the old, old story;
Then, when twilight falls, and my Savior calls,
I shall go to Him in glory.

I’ll exchange my cross for a starry crown,
Where the gates swing outward never;
At His feet I’ll lay every burden down,
And with Jesus reign forever.

Just a few more years with their toil and tears,
And the journey will be ended;
Then I’ll be with Him, where the tide of time
With eternity is blended.

Though the hills be steep and the valleys deep,
With no flowers my way adorning;
Though the night be lone and my rest a stone,
Joy awaits me in the morning.

What a joy ’twill be when I wake to see
Him for Whom my heart is burning!
Nevermore to sigh, nevermore to die,
For that day my heart is yearning.

Words & Music: Charles H. Ga­br­iel, cir­ca 1917 

What really spoke to me in this song was the first line in the refrain/chorus. "I'll exchange my cross for a starry crown..." You can only get a crown in heaven if you were willing to pick up the cross and follow Christ here on earth. To many think they're "good" because they prayed a saved...yes, the might be on their way to heaven but then? Will you hear the words, "Welcome home my child, well done"?

August 24, 2012

Friday 5 - August 24

This Friday 5 is a little different from the others. Since this is my last day in the States I thought I would share 5 things I enjoyed about this trip.

#1- I enjoy traveling. I enjoy flying. I enjoy having an adventure!

#2- I got to see my best friend, the love of my life, Patrick!

#3- I got to do things not everyone gets to do! A trip to the Ryman and Grand Ole Opry!

# 4- I got to see my Dad and Step-mom and do lots of fun things with them! They are the reason I was able to do this 7 week adventure!

 # 5- I got to make new friends and strengthen old friendships. I enjoyed my time with Patrick's family. I had fun visiting old friends, and I had fun making new ones in the churches I visited! You know what all these friendships had in common? A love for Jesus Christ!!!

August 21, 2012

"I like hearing from you in the mornings"

In case you are a new follower, Patrick and I are in a long distant relationship. I live in Germany and Patrick lives in Tennessee. With 7 hours time difference are getting up and going to bed can sometimes happen around the same time.☺ A month or so ago Patrick had gone to spend an evening at some friends house. As we all know, fellowshipping with friends can sometimes turn into a very late night and that is exactly what had happened...

For me it was Sunday morning, I had gotten up, showered, put on my makeup when I get a call on Skype. Patrick just got home from his friends house. It had turned into a really fun but late night and he was telling me all about it. After I told him goodnight I headed out to walk my dog.

Out in the vineyards where I walk my dog it is really peaceful and quite. I normally don't meet anybody and since I just had a chat with Patrick there was a skip in my step as I walked through the grass. As I hiked up my skirt to step up a little hill I was having a conversation with Patrick in my head and I said, "I really like hearing from you in the morning! It makes me so happy!"

Right after those words my heavenly Father asked me if I could say those words about him. Do I enjoy hearing from him in the mornings? Do I have a skip in my step after I read his Word? Does Bible reading make me happy? I prayed to God after those questions that he would give me a greater love for his Word. In a way we are in a long distant relationship with Jesus Christ. He has written us many love letters and would love to have a Skype/Bible reading conference with us where we can chat and talk about each other...

Now I'll ask you: Do you like hearing from your heavenly Father in the mornings? Do you find time to talk to him?

August 20, 2012

He spoke to me!

**Written from the heart**

The most wonderful thing is when God, the creator of the Universe, speaks to me. Yes, me Iris. Like everyone on the world I have something that is close to my heart and isn't working out the way I think it should. Ever been there? Well, I know what the Lord has told me but it seems so crazy. It seems least that is what everyone around me is telling me.

 The Lord spoke to me before about this but after a long time doubt tends to settle back in and I just don't know....I stress out, I get anxious I worry...Is the Lord going to work this out? Is this really what he wants? When is he going to step in? I get so confused, so angry, irritated at the problem. I blame various people and situations for the problem....when is this valley going to end....will it end.

Many of us have been at place like this before and in our minds we know, Christ can work it out but will he? It is trusting him and having FAITH. Oh, I don't have enough faith. Saturday night I cried again. I prayed and asked the Lord, "Tell me, are you in this? Speak to my again. I am doubting and worrying again. I need faith" I went to bed....

Sunday, every sermon just uplifted me. Sunday school was about the work of the Lord is far better than fun, feelings, family, and food (I need to concentrate on doing the Lord's will even if I seem to miss out on fun & family). One song of the special music just spoke to me. I have never heard it before but it said something about the devil giving you an easier way but you stand your ground (I hear so many easier ways to fix my problem but I am standing my ground and doing God's way). The Sunday morning sermon was about "Losing Touch with Reality". With the help of many Bible stories the visiting preacher said that Christians far to often lose touch with reality...with the real life...with God's way for life because of anger, deceit, sin, loss, ect. I don't want to lose touch with reality, with a life filled with God's peace because things aren't going my way. Sunday night 3 men preached...awesome messages. Combining the three: "Don't let your sorrows keep your down, keep strong and don't stop praying!!"

Oh what a Sunday...a Sunday when GOD spoke to me!

August 18, 2012

Who won the first GIVEAWAY?

Thank you everyone for participating in my first GIVEAWAY!!! I had so much fun planning this and every person that participated gave me joy. Now that the giveaway is over I wrote out all the participants on a paper, cut them out and had my dad pull out two winners! I am happy to say that.....
The winner for the Dove Pendant is........

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The winner for the Robin Pendant is........

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Please give me your mailing adresses emailing me at TheBlueBirdhouse (at) Ymail (dot) com

Always feel free to stop by and visit me here. I love to read your wonderful comments and I am sure to write back when you email me!

If I do not hear from the winners within a week I will select new winners.

August 16, 2012

Photography- Hermitage

A few weeks ago Patrick and I went to the Hermitage. We talked about it {HERE} There is just so much beauty in God's creation and the Hermitage had a beautiful garden....What do you think?