January 11, 2013

First weeks in January

I had mentioned that I was watching a 97 year old lady in my previous posts. My last day was Monday. I had a good time. I was really sick and sometimes wished I could just stay in bed but I got to learn a few things to while I was there. In a way I got to keep house. I had to cook two meals a day (lunch and dinner) and with that of course keep the house somewhat organized. It was a blessing to share cups of coffee and just talk or sit on the couch together and watch cooking shows.

Sorry for the bad quality picture but here Mrs S.
One funny story:
At home we don't have a TV....we do watch videos on my latop but definitally not cable TV so having the TV running all day....I wanted something normal if I could pick it. The cooking shows were great but those were on for about 2 hours of the day....the news is depressing and that is only an hour long. My goal was to keep something running where I wouldn't have to listen to bad language or ....other nastiness. 
She would fall asleep in the middle of the show. I could sneeze really load or cough my head off....that wouldn't wake her. I could walk through the room, do this or that....but as soon as I took the controls to change the channel she would wake up. I am not talking about AFTER I changed it and the uprupt end of a sentence but while I am going to find my channel (the old one is still running normally) she would wake up. I mean seriously...EVERY TIME. It almost became a game for me! :D

She would not be upset....just all of a sudden I look over and her mouth is closed and her eyes flicker open. The only time I changed the channel successfully was the last day I was there. :D

Sunday was also the last day for two families in our church. One went to take over a little church that was started 3 hours away from ours and another family went to the States on deputation. It was a dinner on the ground/ fare well party. I played piano for a special "I Can Go In" by Abigail Miller.

After the meal there was more singing and then lots of games. Many of the men at church are crazy about Patrick's game Axis and Allies. Bellow you see them getting started.

Here is just a fun shot....me playing with my camera.

Thank you for all the comments. Its great to hear from you all again after the Holidays.

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  1. I love that song (I can go in)! Wish you were here to teach me how to play it!

    1. I don't know who you are but the song is really not that hard to play. :) If you have her music she wrote the cords and from there I just imitated her style.:)

  2. Sorry, I thought it told you who I was.....it's crystal:) I'll have to see about getting her music.

    1. I kinda thought it was you but wasn't sure...it just says "anonymous". Maybe I can scan in the music and send it to you. At first I just stuck to the main cords and as I got more comfortable I started adding the extra chords she put in there.


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