January 17, 2013

Update: Visa

Do you want me to start about the beautiful snowfall we had yesterday....OK, I won't. I know you're anxious to hear about the visa:

To start it off...we got there 10 minutes late. We knocked, went in and I told her we had an appointment at 11:30.
"You are pretty late", she said.
And I answered in a sad voice: "Yes, I know. I am very sorry"

She continued to work on her computer, never once looking at us. Finally she turned to us and asked what we were here for. I was really nervous and starting stumbling over my words tell her that Patrick was taking the language course and wanted to stay here longer. She wanted the papers we had, which she looked through seeing all the papers of the language courses he has completed. I preceded to tell her:

"His plan is staying here in Germany, working here and for us to be married."
"Are you planning on marrying soon?"
"Well first he needs a job so we have an income"

She then goes to copy the papers she needs. Till then she had been really polite and we even saw an hint of a smile. When she came back she asked for the source of income....which we had not thought about to bring and told her so.

"Just bring me the paper for that and the 50€ for the visa. I will already start the process of the visa ."

Patrick had to take some pictures for the visa...another funny story (for which I don't have time to write). The visa will take 6-7 weeks....while in the process he is of course still legally here. We have no idea what kind of visa it is....if it will let him work....and for how long it is but thank you all for your prayers!!!

And now to the beautiful snow.....ENJOY!

Thank you for your prayers my friends....God hears us!

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  1. YAY! lets hopw it gets better from here! God is good! He will provide!-Follower of Christ ps we already have temps higher going higher then 40 here some days. so no more snow...


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