January 01, 2013

Goals 2013

I have never ever done something like this before. I always had goals but I never wrote them down and never really worked on them this way. A friend told me about this idea and I started writing things down I already tried or had been wanting to do, etc. I am now sharing them with you and will do a weekly/ monthly update....hopefully this way I will be challenged and encouraged to continue working at it.
Personal goals
-be more efficient with my time
-read a book every month (shouldn't be to hard with college)
-finish all my classes for my degree
-create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)
-Drink 1 glass of pure water every day
-Play piano at least 4x a week
-do a recording-log (at least once a week)
-Practice violin 1x a week
-Exercise for 15 min/week

Blogging goals
-keep in mind that this is only a hobby & cannot interfere with other things
-1 guest post/month
-1 vlog/ month
-guest post on another blog once
-Start a linkup

Couples Goal list
-practice one song a month together (German or English/ Singing or instrumental)
-continue to pray together every night
-continue monthly date night
-Work on hobby together

Spiritual List
-other than pray & read my Bible more
-Pass out one tract a week on my own.

Do you have any goals for you New Year? Share them with me!


  1. This is a great list! Happy new year!:)

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too Shelby!.

  2. Great goals! I agree that sharing them with the blogging world is a great way to have accountability. Good luck!


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