January 31, 2013

Kings Palace & Wooded Beauty // Free Backgrounds

This first one I call "The Kings Palace". The style is a rich vintage with the deep red and soft gold colors.


This rustic background is called "Wooded Beauty" and will give spice up any blog.  The rough wood makes it feel natural, the writing give it an artistic touch and the flowers add feminine beauty.


To make it yours...you have to log into your blog and click on the ‘Design’ on the upper right hand corner.

Now click on ‘Layout’ on the left hand column. Next click on ‘Add a Gadget’. Then click the plus sign next to Html/JavaScript. This is the box you will paste the above code in. Now click save and check out your new background!!
Width size for the entire blog is best 1000px and for the sidebar 250px.

Give credit and add this button on your blog:


Which one do you like better?


  1. Both are so cute ! It's hard to decide !

  2. These are so pretty Iris, I'm going to use Wooded Beauty on one of my blogs. Thanks for making 'em free! Maybe one day I can pay you for one!

    1. I get the papers for free too and I love making 'em...so no problemo!



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