February 01, 2013

Day One- Introduction & Giveaway

Hello Ladies,

I want to welcome you all to my first series. Almost every where I turn in the blogging world there is some series going to help "strengthen your marriage"....but I have not seen anything for us none married people. You might think I am not single because I have a boyfriend. You are right but this will be my first Valentines to actually be with him. The last two times we were quite a few miles apart. ☺So I know how it is to watch all the couples around you and you sit there alone.

Valentines day is not about boyfriends, girlfriends and romance it is about showing extra love to the people close to us, the people we love and we all have someone like that! Valentines day is about thinking of others. The days ahead of us will include ideas of showing love to others, crafting something for valentines day and sometimes just doing something different. I will have a link up on Thursday the 7th and 14th where you can tell me about your accomplishments.

There will be a GIVEAWAY at the end of this series: 
different German teas wrapped in a real vintage hankie and a bar of German Milka chocolate.


Tomorrow we will be doing a craft....hope to see you here!

made by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Iris


  1. How fun! This is such a good idea, Iris! Especially as I'm a single girl myself.(;

    And what a blessing for you to be able to spend your first Valentine's Day together with your boyfriend this year.(: are you two going to do anything special?

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. I am looking forward to this Series as well! ☺ I am not exactly sure what we will be doing for Valentines though I have some ideas running through my head and I want it to be special. ♥

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to this Series and I promise....even married people will have fun. ☺

  3. I'd especially love winning the German chocolate. ;) This really was a sweet idea, Iris!! :)


    1. German chocolate is especially yummy! ☺

  4. So sweet of you to set this up, Iris!


  5. I look forward to this! So glad I'm eligible for the giveaway! ;)


    1. Hahahaha.....suddenly you are happy to be single. :D I'm excited about it too!

  6. Thank you for telling me about your giveaway. =)

  7. Oops... I entered your giveaway before I read your condition. I just saw Milka chocolate and so I entered. I miss Milka so much! I can get it here in a German store but the prices are way over the top! I probably won't go out with my DH for a date since we have a little one but we'd sure love to enjoy a Milka chocolate on the sofa ;-) not sure if I qualify though..



    1. Hehehe...I'll let you stay in if you would just please follow me on Google Friend Connect. Thank you!

      And I would love to see you here more often! You are German too, right?


    2. I'm following you on G+ now. Thanks for letting me in the giveaway.

      Yes, I am German. Living in Beautiful British Columbia (Canada) though since about 5 1/2 years (with an 8 months "trip" back to Germany).

      I will definitely be back to read more from you.


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