February 26, 2013

May I introduce...My Birds!

Name: Sky
Age: 6 years
Mine for: 6 years
Gender: male

What you should know:
  • He is the first bird I bought.
  • He used to be more blue (that is why I called him sky) and later turned more turquois
  • He LOVES me taking pictures of him...oh and videos! 
  • He sometimes sits on my head. 
  • When he's in the cage he will sit on my finger 
  • He's skinny
  • He's the leader of the group
  • He loves to sing.
  • He loves showing off
  • His favorite place to sit is on the bird playground and talk to the wood beam
  • He loves to share

Name: Summer
Age: over a 1 year
Mine for: 1 year
Gender: female

What you should know:

  • She loves her cage
  • She loves to bite wood
  • She can't stand it if I change something in the cage...."its gotta go"
  • She is really quite
  • She is an Albino...I know she's yellow...but she is.**(see comments)
  • When she does come out of the cage she flies around like crazy and gets everyone riled up
  • She was NEVER shy and scared...she acts like a queen
  • She only sleeps on a swing....whichever one she chooses that night...even if someone is already sitting on it

Name: Lake
Age: ?
Mine for: 1 year
Gender: Male

You should know:
  • He likes to get my attention be it throwing food on the floor or flying over my head so close that he touches me...
  • He loves to hear himself through skype call
  • He sings the most
  • He has an affair with the bird in the mirror
  • If I don't open the cage in the morning in time he will leave through the food bowl hole
  • He loves swinging himself...to cute to watch.
  • He's shy
  • When he sits he looks perfect...so straight and proud
  • When your hand is in the cage he will hang on the side of the cage in a corner and hope you don't see him

Name: Meadow
Age:  4 years
Mine for: 1 year
Gender: female

What you should know:
  • She has a outgoing personality
  • Can't fly really good but is SLOWLY getting better.
  • She runs around on the floor
  • She is super curious
  • She loves to eat
  • Is kinda...well...uh...fat
  • Loves to visit my room
  • Loves looking at herself in the mirror...in my room
  • Loves taking baths and getting wet
  • Hates it when I push her on the swing

My bird history started with this bird bellow. My rabbit Samantha had just died and she was really close to me. My Pastor's wife had taken over her cousin's birds when they moved but she really couldn't keep it because she had a cat and one of the birds already flew away because it got scared. I thought birds were boring but it was better than having this empty spot in my room.

On June 14th....a few days before my birthday Snowy came to live with me. She was already 9 years old, was fit as ever but looked so sad...so on the 16th I bought Sky.

Name: Snowy
Age: 1998- 2012
Mine for: 5 years
Gender: female

Soon after she died I bought Summer and put Lake and Meadow together with Sky. They were given to us by a lady who moved back to the States...my grandma didn't want them....and birds think: "The more the merrier!"

Now You have met my four little kids! They bring me what me so much joy and make me laugh. They are full of personality.


  1. Aw, they're so cute. And I love that they each have their own personality. :)

    I find it really interesting that Summer is actually albino. How does that work? I mean, I've always thought albino meant white, but obviously I was wrong.

    1. More people might have that question so I'll answer it here in the comments.


    Parakeets are originally green-yellow (like Meadow) in Australia. And though sometimes the green can vary the yellow is the base color.

    Through breeding people have made the base color white....take the yellow out of the green and you will have a white/ blue bird (like Lake.)

    Now you have two main color combinations to start breeding with: yellow/green & white/blue. Mixing these you can get a LARGE variety of colors...like Sky he's a mix and is yellow/turquoise.

    Summer is an albino because she has no color pigments....but since her base color is yellow her albino state is yellow. A white based albino would have been all white. Summer still has the typical red eyes and her cheeks (where you normally would see black feathers) are white.

    I never knew about any of this until I had Summer...I thought she looked albino but she was yellow...?? And now I learned something new and you too!


  3. Hey, gral! I'd be thrilled to guest post! Here's my email: chocolatemilkmaid(at)hotmail(dot)com. And I love how much you love your birds - I'm kind of that way about my cats! :)

  4. Wow your birds are so beautiful ! I think the pictures with the 4 of them together is the best...All those colors, it's pretty amazing ! That's one more sign of God's amazing creating power ! I think I like Lake's color the best (and you're blog is "the BLUE birdhouse", so I have to love blue ;-))
    Have a blessed day !

    1. I always think which one I like better...I can't decide. The are all different special. I did use Lake in one of my blog buttons! If you go on >advertise< you can see it!


  5. Awesome! My favorite is Summer! She is soooooo pretty! And happy looking! such a bright fun color! (my fav color is yellow so maybe thats why...)I have always thought a bird would be a great pet! I loved this post it made me happy! thanks Iris!-Follower of Christ

    1. p.s. how did you get them to all sit together like that????-Follower of Christ

    2. Summer is super pretty....I guess you can be prejudice because she is your favorite color. :) Birds are great!!! Never thought they would make me laugh so much!


      PS: Yeah, the normally never sit together on one stick. "To close together" Hahahaha. But one day 3 were together and I shooed the other one of there too and started snapping pictures. They were kinda annoyed. HAHAHA but I love the picture!


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